Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Hair Shot

Here's my fluff after shampooing and conditioning ... and towel fluffing. Maybe it really is longer than last Saturday! The part that isn't fluffy is the front where my wig grips (you can see the red lines from my wig even after having it off for at least an hour). I have to stop wearing my wig, I think, if I want my hair to come in along pressure points. That's a scary thought since I want to try to spend more time out of the house and in the gym.

I went to a no-tears yoga class this morning! Aren't you proud of me?! I didn't feel even the slightest urge to cry. Another hurdle cleared. Of course, I totally suck at yoga but ... nonetheless ... it can only be good for me. One of my most significant barriers to my yoga-ing is my right shoulder and isn't related to anything cancerish at all! I have this nagging impingement syndrome in my shoulder that didn't bother me at all during cancer treatments until I started having the joint, bone and tendon problems. And now it's back. I do know, though, a simple exercise that should help it and so I must start that right away. It really causes a lot of sharp shoulder pain when I move my arm in particular ways, such as tucking in a shirt or putting on a jacket.

I've cancelled tomorrow's massage appointment under the advisement of someone I trust. She recommended that I wait a few more weeks at least before having a massage because of risks related to lymphodema. In fact, when I do go for a massage, it was suggested I make sure the therapist has specific knowledge and experience massaging women who have been treated for breast cancer. Duly noted. I will wait and ask a few more questions before I book again.

Since I had to cancel something I was so looking forward to, I instead booked myself for a pedicure today. My feet have taken a beating even though I'm still give them considerable attention. They're very dry still and a big rough. My toes are completely numb as are the bottoms of my feet (but I can feel the tops). I notice how awful my feet are especially now that I'm attending yoga classes. Time to make my feet feel pretty so I'm off to that appontment right away.
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  1. Exercising is enough to make anyone want to cry, but way to go on a successful yoga class! Glad to hear you are treating yourself to a pedicure. They are so wonderful. And your fluff is beautiful - I love it! Take care.


  2. Hi Rhonda! Let's not get ahead of ourselves by calling it a "successful" yoga class! I totally SUCK at yoga and I did before all of this cancer business.

    Thanks for loving my fluff! (Does that sound dirty?!) I'm thrilled that it really does look longer than it was a week ago. Well, if not longer, thicker! I can't wait until the day when I can kiss this wig good-bye.

    See you soon!


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