Monday, January 4, 2010

They Might Be Baby Steps But They're Still Steps

Fresh veggies in the fridge! And other things!

I feel I had a productive day, though I really didn't get so much done. I felt so energetic and inspired this morning and it's not that I'm feeling badly now but I must say fatigue hit me a like a brick about half an hour ago. It amazes me how quickly I can go from feeling GREAT to feeling REALLY TIRED. Unless I get another burst of energy in a while, I'm done for the night. I'm still hoping I'll perk up a bit after dinner so I can get a start on boxing Christmas decorations and get some bedding washed. If not, there's always tomorrow. I know I'm going to have to accept that it will take a while to build up my energy and that it will take me longer to get things done than it did before cancer treatments. Patience, Heather. Patience.

I got groceries today and made a dental appointment. I also talked with my friend, Laura, who recommended a massage therapist as well as a yoga instructor. If I'm feeling up to it on Wednesday morning, I'm going to try a class at Oshun House. Thanks, Sylvia, for your suggestions, too. I still want to get a copy of the leisure guide to see what's available elsewhere. That's on tomorrow's to do list.

I caught up on the phone this afternoon with my cousin, Lori, and now Kevin is home.

After my bath today, I closely examined my radiated area and I must say I'm very happy with how things are looking. There is only redness in the small area that received the 5 booster radiation shots and even that isn't so red as it was. The other skin is a murky brown ... not a nice suntan brown. It's more dirty looking. But the peeled area is really healing nicely and there's no additional peeling yet. If the red skin can hold on, I think I'll be in the clear, though I was told skin can still break down for a while yet. There's about a 4 or 5 inch square of brown skin on the left side of my upper back. A square with a tail, really. A tail that extends toward my armpit. It's a dirty brown colour and is packed full of freckles! It kind of looks funny. I hope it fades. I wonder if the freckles will fade, too? Anyway, the main thing is that everything is healing nicely and that I almost felt like a normal (as normal as I get), healthy human being for a while today. YEAH!!



  1. Hi Heather,
    Good to see your happy frig...I too need to improve very soon on the meals department. We have been living on too many quick meals lately thanks to great hockey and ... okay I admit ... my being too unorganized and lazy. Holidays do that you know.
    And likewise in the exercise department. I will be checking very soon into something more than daily puppy walks. (And my joints are thankfully fine... again no excuses just... (sigh) lazy.)
    Glad to hear you're skin is holding-on / recovering well. And I must say you hair is looking great (already looks thicker than mine!) You're almost ready for some 'princess' clips and accesssories; never mind the various items you have displayed so well recently.
    And you're way ahead of me in the undecorating department too. I usually can't get re-motivated till about...Ukrainian.... Valentines.
    So good to check in everyday and get re-motivated in so many ways by YOU!! Thank you.

  2. Hi Laurel!

    Good to hear from you. You make me laugh! I know you've been mostly glued to a seat at the rink! And tonight you'll be at the big game! SO EXCITING!! I'm so nervous about it ... almost like during the end of Rider season! I'll watch for you on tv!

    Princess clips! That's funny! From time to time I try a barrette just for fun but so far I don't have enough hair to hold one. Not yet ... not yet ...

    At the rate I'm going, Laurel, I might end up with my Christmas decorations still in a pile in the dining room come Valentine's day, too! At least there's a lot of red.

    Once all this hockey business is over, we'll have to have a friendly neighbourhood get together ... we'll just stay out of the dining room.


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