Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Taking Flight

Another day. Another optimistic list of things to get done.

First though, this bird. This is my most treasured Christmas gift that I almost didn't get. When we got to Jim and Lynne's on Christmas day there were a couple of things to open and when I'd finished, Mom noticed that something was missing. Despite my telling her not to worry about it ... whatever it was would surely show up ... Mom went out to her car and after not finding the small package in her trunk a bright piece of paper in the snow beside the car caught her eye and there it was. And this is what it was. I would have been heart broken if it had been lost or run over. So would Mom have been! It's a swallow that Dad carved and painted. There is an original swallow that was Grandma Kerr's and that I remember admiring on the wall. Dad must have liked it a lot, too, because he carved a little flock of them ... enough that there would be one for each of us kids, with Jack getting the original. I LOVE this little swallow. I can't decide where to put him. Hannah suggested high on a wall, maybe near the top of one of the arched doorways in the living room. I think that's a good idea. And it's light enough that I'll be able to stick it in place with some tape or fun tack so it can be easily moved. To give you some idea of it's size, it's 5.5" x 3". I just LOVE it! The troubling thing is how do I decide which of my own two kids should get it in years to come? I think I'm going to have to learn to whittle so I can make another one. And then I'll need a front porch because isn't that where whittlin' is done?

Today I booked a one hour massage for next Tuesday afternoon. I'm excited about having one and hope it contributes to my general wellness.

I also booked a Doctor's appointment to see about getting a particular skin tag removed. I haven't read anything about the possibility of a relationship between cancer treatments and skin tags but I notice that during the past year I have developed several around my neck and one large one in particular. It's the one I think I should have removed or it might end up getting caught in my clothes and being ripped off. I don't want that.

I had a long sleep. The paper is read. Breakfast finished. Blogging done. Now it's time to get myself put together and do some chores and errands. It's probably best to get as much done early in the day as I can, anticipating that I'll crash hard come late afternoon. And since I'm going to be a couch potato (a very tense and nervous one) during tonight's gold medal hockey game, that's okay. Go, Canada, Go!!


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