Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rediscovering My Inner Librarian

I've made arrangements to start back to work on a graduated schedule on Monday, February 15th! Exciting! And scary! Another step toward normal. What my graduated schedule will look like, I'm not entirely sure yet and will probably have to muddle it out as I go, but I hope to be able to manage half days. Baby steps ... baby steps.

Speaking of steps, Erin and I walked the track at the PAC last night for a full 50 minutes! I didn't think I'd be able to go for that long. Our pace wasn't too ridiculous either. YEAH! It felt great to walk and when you're chatting with a friend, time really flies. Next time, if I think of it, I'll take a step counter. After I was home and sat for a while, moving became especially challenging but I expected as much and as I've learned from experiencee, my limbs would recover after a good night's sleep. I still have the joint problems from the Arimidex but they're no worse for walking.

Today I got a bunch of house things done. It's amazing how mangy the house can get if I've been busy for a few days. And then, this afternoon, my Doctor zapped my skin tags. YOUCH! You could hear them sizzling as he touched the liquid nitrogen to the skin with a long q-tip. It may have hurt a bit but no biggie. They look kind of nasty now but I guess they'll dry up and fall off over the next week to 10 days. On the way home I stopped and had some blood work done. And here I am.

Don has been in St. Paul's hospital since yesterday. He had been feeling especially crappy the last couple of days and then when he couldn't keep anything down yesterday morning Sylvia took him to Emergency. He's been having a conundrum of bothersome health issues for the past several months and hopefully they'll now be able to figure out what the underlying problems are and get him all straightened around. He's doing okay, though ... as okay as someone can be in the hospital. I'm just thinking back to my experience and it's just not where one wants to be even when we know it's best for us to be there.

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