Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Speaking of Lacrosse ...

I just have to say how very proud I am of Luke. When Luke got back to Louisville after Christmas for his 2nd semester, he was pretty excited about his class schedule. He has a few days where his classes don't start quite so early and he planned to catch some much needed extra sleep those mornings. Not so fast ...

Last year's lacrosse practices usually started around 3:30. But this year that won't work because there are about 6 players who have classes during that time and they are required classes so they can't be changed. The only option for practices turned out to be 6:30 in the morning. IN THE MORNING!! That sounds awful!

Last night I was talking to Luke about it, sympathizing with him and the rest of the team, but Luke, while initially disappointed, has shrugged it off and taken a positive approach. I was so impressed to hear him say that he's adjusting to the early mornings even though he feels like an old man going to bed so early at night. He says it really makes them focus on the game and organize their time. He says he has some hard classes and some that will require a lot of work, but he feels up to the challenge. His very positive attitude and dedication and complete lack of whining make me feel very proud of him.

Here's the link to his page on the team roster at Bellarmine University. I'm glad to see they've finally started adding some player details on the website, though Luke is a math major and not a biology major. If I had been the photographer, I would have taken photos BEFORE practice and not AFTER when they all have helmet hair and helmet rash. Arden ... I like to call him Hollywood ... looks like he at least finger combed his hair and gave his Hollywood smile. Here's the link to Arden's page. It still needs some updating. It looks like the person responsible for the website is in the process of updating information.

Here's the link to their game schedule. Kevin and I hope to get there for a few games at the end of March.

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