Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Fun Night at Splurge!

I wouldn't even have gone if Kevin hadn't offered to drive me! It's NUTS out there! And Gail's house if so far from ours! But I'm so glad I was able to go because everyone else who wasn't on vacation made it, too! It was fun and Gail put on a real feast. We had a "regift exchange", too, which was good for some laughs. Gail is wearing the slippers Bonnie and I "regifted" specifically to her. These slippers are long storied. They got their start at a Splurge Christmas gift exchange. Bonnie wore them so much, she wore holes in their soles. She then so kindly passed them on to me to keep my feet warm and comfy while I was going through chemo. Now that I'm so done with that, we decided to pass them on to Gail for her dubious response when she first saw them! We patched the holes for her, though, in a way that will always remind her of the slipper's predecessors. Gail's not one to walk all over people but now she has no choice! Bonnie suggested we call our splurge group "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Slippers".

Gail made something for me, too. She had promised me an award when I finished all this cancer treatment business and here it is! YEAH!!!

Kevin picked me up from splurge tonight and we slipped and slid and ploughed snow all the way home. Kevin got parked on our street but I don't know that we'll be getting out again anytime soon.

Tomorrow will be a good day to just stay home ... watch a movie ... put away Christmas boxes ... alphabetize ...



  1. Hey Heather finally made it back onto the blog....great little write up about last night. It was so much fun!! After you guys all left I realized how crazy you all were for coming out on a night like that.....but I was so happy that you all did!!! I appreciated having all of you there to see my house when it actually was clean for 10 minutes or so cause we all know that clean never lasts long....and I am glad you came to help eat all the food...Griffin helped finish off the "scraps" was a good day to stay home and be cozy. Hope you were. Thanks to Kevin for bringing you out in the cold and snow it was great to see you!!!!!!!! Take care!! Stay warm!!

  2. Hi Gail!

    I don't think we fully realized how crazy it was to be out driving on Saturday night until we actually got out there. I was surprised we all made it, too! It was quite the crazy drive home from your place (out in the boonies!). I felt like Kevin and I were in the Amazing Race with both of us speculating on where to turn and which route to take home. We didn't always agree but we made it!

    That's so funny ... Griffin and our "scraps"! Good scraps, too! We did put a dent in them, didn't we? At least I did!

    Beware, though. Now Kevin knows where you live. Come moose hunting season, he might start stalking you.

    I just read the above and it sounds like I'm saying "you're a moose"! LOL!! You know what I mean!!!


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