Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Growing A Brain

All this snow may be trouble, but at least it's pretty!

I stayed inside all day yesterday. And still those Christmas boxes aren't put away. No excuses. What happened is ...

... after all that sorting and cleaning up of our music cds yesterday, I remembered that we had some disks full of downloaded music from our old computer ... from the days of Napster ... before we were made aware that we weren't to be doin' that! Dealing with those music files alone wouldn't have taken much time but it led me to many, MANY disks of photographs, most of which aren't properly labeled and some disks that aren't labelled at all! It's a mess! So, that started me in on our unorganized world of digital photos. Please ... please ... please don't let it lead me to our printed photos, which are a giant project, too. Anyway, I got started on the digital photos but have a long way to go. You can imagine how that goes ... "awwwww ... I remember when they looked like that ... and that ... and that ..." ... and then you're hooked! You have to look at them all. Serious editing of our photo collection is needed.

So that was my day yesterday. No breaks except to make dinner.

Today, aside from blogging, I'm taking a total break from the computer and am doing the more physical things that really need doing around here. There's enough to keep me very busy while STILL avoiding those Christmas boxes.

Regarding recovery, my jaw wasn't as alarmingly bad as yesterday. It still clicked a little bit but not so jarring as it had become yesterday. Jaw pain was very minor and fleeting. Perhaps it's best that I have another few days to test the waters before I get to the dentist.

My joints are still stiff but not achy and even then, I'm able to go from sitting to moving much easier and quicker than I could before. My hands and shoulders, though, were very stiff by the end of the day and even a little sore. Do you think that might have something to do with my computering all day at our non-ergonomic table? DUH!! Stupido! This is largely why I'm taking a day away from the digital photo project. It's hard, though, because when I start a project, I like to keep going at it non-stop until it's done, partly because it keeps my head in the game. And that's something worth noting. I've had since June to work on these kinds of home projects but I haven't had any inclination until now. I think that's because of the "chemo brain" and because of the general mushiness of the mind caused by the various drugs. And maybe the supplements and vitamins are helping my mind perk up again, too. Whatever the reason, the last few days of sorting and organizing wouldn't be happening if my brain didn't suddenly feel alive again. It makes me less nervous than I had been about going back to work. In a way, what I've been doing with our music and photos is a bit like what I do at work, just a little less complex and broad. It's good practice for me and for my mind, I think. The bonus is getting all this crap sorted out. The trick, as always, is keeping it that way!



  1. Wow girl ... you're sounding good, and why shouldn't you. Sounds like you had a super day cruising through your photos.


  2. Hi Karen! You probably have your all organized already. Whether you do or don't, go back and take a look at them again soon ... you almost forget how cute they were when they were little gaffers!


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