Sunday, January 3, 2010


Our kids are gone. The house is quiet. The house is a disaster! We're exhausted. And a little bit blue.

While Luke was packing, it seemed like the right time to start taking down Christmas decorations. Kevin and I did a little more when we got home from the airport. Most of the decorations are piled in the dining room waiting to be reboxed tomorrow. I have my work cut out for me. When I de-Christmas, as I'm sure everyone else does, too, and I'm sweeping up pine needles and bits of glitter, it seems like the time to do a thorough cleaning. Since a major cleaning was in order anyway, last night was the perfect time to have a party in the house. Everything seems sticky. So I'll put all of my energy into house cleaning tomorrow. And stripping beds ... laundry ... basically a head to toe in the house ... as much as I can manage. I'll just keep the memories. Wahhhh ...

We got to the airport in good time just in case there were "issues". Everything went smoothly at this end. We met Arden and his parents, there ... made sure the boys were seated together and had time for a quick coffee together before the boys went through security. They couldn't take their backpacks on the plane with them. They had to be checked, so they carried their computers, ipods, papers and lacrosse heads on with them. They'll be able to pick up their backpacks in Minneapolis and carry them with them on the plane to Louisville. I think they get a very thorough frisking in Minneapolis, too. The boys are looking forward to that, I think. I was kidding them about wearing dirty underwear for the occasion.

I think everybody needs one more day of vacation. Still, I'm looking forward to moving forward. After a good sleep.



  1. I do the same thing .. take down the tree and put the decorations away after we get back from the airport. It helps me to focus on something until I hear that he's landed safely and is back at school. I find it a long quiet day. I still have a lot to do but our big tree is always where I start.

    All Liam's late nights caught up to him Sunday morning when his "comfort" items didnt travel with him to Kentucky. He wasnt a happy guy at all. He travels with Jordan most of the time and thats nice for Liam. He likes Jord a lot. Jordan is very calm, so I'm guessing that rubbed off on Liam. To add to that, all their connections went smoothly.

    This is going to be a big year for these guys, aside from school, they have a new conference to try to make a name in. Some big schools to compete against. It's going to be exciting. I hope they're ready... I want to watch some games again this year, preferably in good weather ;).

  2. Hi Karen!

    We're in the same boat, saying bye bye to our boys! *sigh*

    I am excited about the season, though. We're looking at flights for the end of March when we might be able to catch 3 games and yes, hopefully the weather will be good. Luke says it's pretty chilly there right now but we reminded him that he'll be better prepared for it than most of the guys there after his break (if you can call our winter a break) in Saskatchewan.

    So far flights are looking stupid expensive. I hope a seat sale comes up soon. I want those plane tickets booked and in my pocket.

    Happy de-Christmassing!


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