Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm a Better Wing Man Than a Bidder

Last night was Lou and Neil's much anticipated Kaiser Tourney! It was great fun! Good food, plentiful drinks, and super company! Even though I've only played kaiser twice before with Patty and Ron, who were also there, I wasn't very nervous because there were others with as little experience as me and some who had never played before at all. Of course, there were the usual sharks!

I must mention that Lou has a special way of making each person feel welcome. In my case, Lou kept her own Christmas decorations up so I wouldn't feel so bad about not having my Christmas decoration boxes put away. How generous of spirit is that?! Someone had the great idea to award the winner of the tournament with Lou's and Neil's GIANT Christmas tree. As it turned out, Dave, the winner, has a smart car. It would have been such a hoot to see that Christmas tree strapped on top of it!

Thanks Lou and Neil for a great time!

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