Saturday, January 23, 2010

Not Much More Hair to Brag About

I guess I can't expect there to be evidential growth EVERY week! I don't see any difference between this week and last. Next week, though ... BE AMAZED!! Last week, by the way, Cheryl told me that she noticed I had more hair than Obama! I took a second look and, at the time, I could see that my hairline was, in fact, very Obamaish. I'd have to get it cut now if I wanted to keep that look. NOT!

Last night was a quiet night at home. We phoned in our donation for Haiti. I can't imagine ...

We had a short conversation with Luke. He was in too much pain to talk for long. He'd taken a nasty hit during practice that afternoon and was suffering a hip pointer injury. He was icing his hip and using an electro-stimulus pad that the trainers had given him but he was still in a lot of pain. We talked to him again after he'd taken some Advil and he was doing a little better. This might sideline him for a week or two and he might have to miss their exhibition game next week, but it's something that will heal relatively quickly. Ouch, though.

Kevin and I each had a long conversation with Hannah. She was in the mood to visit ... moments I treasure. She can make me laugh so much! She'd had a tough week. She spent most of her time holed up in her apartment preparing to give a 3 hour seminar Thursday morning on the CP Rail. THREE HOURS!! She was able to spend about an hour of it touring the class through special collections in the library at UBC where they have artifacts and ephemera. But man ... 3 hours! That's a long time for the person giving the seminar and for the people listening. If you want to know anything about CP Rail, just ask Hannah. She then spent yesterday treating herself well after finishing that seminar. She met friends for coffee and breakfast ... walked the seawall (15 degrees and sunny in Vancouver so she loved being outside). She did a lot of walking and had a very good day. Her observations about life and herself slay me! One night last week she ate half a cabbage for dinner ... just half a cabbage. It was a big one and organic and really good, she said. Not bitter ... kind of sweet ... so she ate more than she thought she would. Later she wondered if it was bad to eat so much cabbage in one sitting, so she looked it up (that's my girl) and learned that the only possible unfortunate result is that it could neutralize your iodine, so she then ate a handful of sea kelp that she had in her cupboard. She had already been aware that it could cause gas and so she'd taken care of that with some particular kind of tea she had on hand. To me, that's hilarious. Who eats half a cabbage for dinner? And then who has all that stuff on hand to counter the nastier effects? Funny.

Today I feel alright. The stiff joints are still there but the achiness has subsided considerably. I stopped talking the Tylenol Arthritis about three days ago and things have improved since then. I had long suspected that the Tylenol wasn't helping at all but I kept taking it ... just in case. The Vitamin D and, perhaps, other things ARE helping and maybe, too, the Arimidex is really starting to clear out.

My radiation burns are healing so nicely! I can still see the edges of the burns but everything within that is looking like a much faded tan. Even the part on my back isn't quite so freckledy looking. I have just a little bit of skin on one edge that looks like it will still flake off and then the peeling part will be completely finished. I still need to apply lots or rich lotion to the area, though. If I neglect lotion for a while, I can feel the tightening of the skin and it will feel papery to the touch. I'm lucky and glad that I'm not finding that the radiation caused any lingering limitation in my range of motion for that arm ... no more limited than it has become anyway, I mean ... not like my right shoulder with the impingement syndrome. All of me has some limited range of motion these days. I need to keep up my exercises but I've been a bad girl, Lynne, and I haven't done them for the past three days. I've been moving more in general, though, so that's a good thing. Still, I know I need the more specific exercises.

I hope nobody is traveling today. It's obviously not a good day to be on highways. But it is pretty and white outside!



  1. Mons amis...perhaps you don't think the hair growth is substantial it does however look MUCHO darker !!! More peppa that salt for shur !!! Hannah eating "just cabbage" for supper made me laugh...reminds me of her mom at that age...when you were her age back when we were living together, I do recall you eating some bizarro stuff and calling it supper !!!! Of course I was in no position to judge !!!
    Love, Martha

  2. UGH half a cabbage! I hope it was cooked at least lmao. Your hair is definitely more pepper than salt - mine is much, much whiter in the front but nothing that a bottle can't fix! And CP Rail! I worked there (in customer service in Sutherland) for about 5 years from 1979 to 1984 and I couldn't come up with 3 hours of stuff to talk about :o)

  3. Hi Heather,
    I'm with Carol. Your hair is much darker. . . Lookin good.
    I signed up for the PAC centre this past week. Just waiting for my card. Perhaps I will see you there!!
    So glad you are feeling better all round. Oh and to you and all your spurgle club ladies. . you all have too much fun!

  4. Now, Now, Carol! Not once did it occur to me that Hannah eating half a head of cabbage was at all similar to my eating habits at that age! Then again ... maybe it wasn't cabbage but I do recall several weeks where I ate nothing but potatoes because that was all I had. And there were many peanut butter and bread episodes, too. But NOT CABBAGE! At least it wasn't spudnuts! "Will that be chocolate or GLAAAAZED?"!!!

  5. Hi Berny,

    I'm so with you on the cabbage! It was cooked, by the way, though if it were me, I'd have chosen NOT cooked.

    After you comments, I'm even more amazed that Hannah pulled off a 3 hour seminar on CP Rail. She's not even in teacher's college! As dreadful as it sounds, it still must be a worthy experience. If she can talk for three hours about CP Rail (something she's never been passionate about), think how much easier it will be for her to go on ad nauseum about something she really cares about!

    As for the hair ... as soon as it's safe to colour, I'll be visiting my main hair man, Van! I'm no so enamoured of the "salty" part.

  6. Hi Laurel!

    Were your ears ringing? Erin and I were just talking about you getting a membership at the PAC! As soon as these streets are drivable again, I'll give you a call and see if you want to go there for a walk, okay?

    And yes, my splurge club ladies are whacky and a LOT of fun! I LOVE 'EM!


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