Sunday, January 17, 2010

Something's Afoot!

At last! I've been keeping my eyes open for something appropriate to replace our old cream coloured duvet cover. I loved our old one. It was cream on cream with texture but with years of Tito (our cat) sleeping with us, it was looking very shabby. So, I've been looking for something similar with no luck. I've seen a few things I've liked but they've been exorbitantly priced! There was a beautiful linen duvet cover at Restoration Hardware in Vancouver but I wasn't prepared to spend that much. So finally, at HomeSense, I found something not at all cream on cream and not at all textured but something that's a nice change and that both Kevin and I like. The blue cushion in the photo isn't that blue for real. I think because it's silk it catches the camera's flash and appears much brighter than it really is. The cushion is more of a dusty turquoise colour, like in the duvet cover.

Yesterday turned out to be not such a good day. It was a lucky thing, perhaps, that the kaiser tournament was postponed. Kevin and I planned on going to a movie instead but by then I didn't feel like leaving the house. I was so tired and my joints were so bothersome yesterday, particularly my hands and arms. It's getting very discouraging but I'm holding panic at bay hoping that the joint problems will still subside soon. And not be permanent!

A couple of nights ago I noticed a different feeling in my feet. I can't describe the change except to say they just felt "different". Still numb but "different". I speculated that maybe the nerves are repairing themselves and that gradually the numbness will go away. I wondered, too, if the massage during my pedicure might have had some effect on that. Maybe? I'm pretty excited about getting the feeling back in my feet knowing that it was possible I might NOT get it back. Then, yesterday when Kevin and I were out, I noticed aching in my toes when I walked. Joint aches. That, I think, must be another sign that my nerves are repairing themselves. All along I haven't felt any aching joints in my toes and ... duh ... that's probably because they've been numb!! It hadn't occurred to me until yesterday! And with the feeling coming back, of course I'll feel the aching in my toe joints that must have been there all along. Oh joy! My toes and feet are also more "tingly" and they kind of hurt a little when they're rubbed. They just seem very sensitive now in a way they weren't before. All I take to be a good sign.



  1. Love your new linen .. beautiful colors.

    Great to hear that little successes continue on a daily basis :) so happy for you. Sounds like you're doing all the right things, way to go!


  2. I'm rooting for you and hoping that nasty side effect will soon be a thing of the past. Hugs B


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