Saturday, January 9, 2010

Way Back When ...

... I used to have hair! Eighties hair. I think I must have been 19 or 20 here, though I don't quite remember when this photo was taken. That would make it a 70's photo but perhaps I was a hair style leader? NOT!!

I visited Cindy this afternoon and that's about all I've done today. It was great to see Cindy and Wade, too. Mom and I are meeting Darrel at White Bear for dinner in a while.

Yesterday was a slow day. I caught up on a little sleep with a nap over supper. Mom should have woken me up but she decided to let me sleep instead so we ate at 8:00. And then I had a very long sleep last night, too. I should be well rested. Last night Mom and I watched a couple of movies while taking apart ties that Mom has collected and plans to make a crazy quilt with. During the day we did some computer work ... sorted out some bugs, set some things up ... that kind of thing.

My limbs don't feel as nagging today. YEAH! I know not to get ahead of myself, though. Maybe the extra sleep makes a difference, though I can't imagine how that would make the difference.

Here's a curious thing. I now have some hair growing on my legs! I first noticed it last Wednesday but I'm in no rush to shave it off. But here's the strange thing. The hairs are getting longer but I only have them from my ankle to mid-shin. There are no hairs at all above that line. Why would that be? And still no armpit hairs (not that I'm complaining). It just seems odd to me that hair doesn't start coming back all at once. Curious.

Eyebrow hairs are also growing back, but that's a whole new dilemma of the minor kind. It turns out I've been drawing my eyebrows on in the wrong place. I've been making myself look perkier than I really am! So I'm still drawing on eyebrows but I'm conflicted. I want to draw them higher but then I end up with this foggy looking patch beneath the line and if I make them thicker, that looks weird, too. What to do? What to do? I think I need professional eyebrow help. It might have helped if I'd ever paid my eyebrows any attention before I lost them altogether but I've pretty much ignored them all my life. Now I'm paying for lack of eyebrow attention. I'll figure it out. I like the "awake" look better, though.


  1. HA!!!! That is a GRRRReat picture of you mons look and pure ! HMMMMMMM........?????
    Glad your having a good time in the land of the Wholly Mammoth !

  2. Heather! That photo takes ME back so many years, also. Another life for both of us, eh. About the eyebrows-isn`t that an interesting problem to deal with. Who would have thought the little conundrums one would run into! I do hope the joints keep improving. About the jigsaws Betty and you do. Now I know who to call on when I get stuck on my 1000 piece ones at home. (Betty is always so busy though.)

  3. Bonjour Mons Amis, Carol! Well of course I look innocent! That's because I WAS innocent! I was so innocent that even the worst of scoundrels probably wouldn't have had the heart to take advantage of me! And then I met much more worldly women such as yourself ...

    Hi Cheryl! So good to hear from you, though you're supposed to be on vacation!! *me giving you a noogie* Mom certainly is always busy but she's NEVER too busy to solve a puzzle dilemma. Don't hesitate to call her if you're stuck. She's a pro!

    I hope you're having fun! I wish I could say the weather here was super nasty for your mental benefit, but we've been graced with chinook type weather! YEAH!


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