Thursday, January 28, 2010

Water. Kind of Important.

Don't look, Nora! This is what happened when I neglected to water this plant! It also appears that I need to wash some leaves, too! I think they look dustier in the photo than they do for real. Still ... dusty!

This is an Arabian Coffee plant. The brown parts of the leaves have been there for a couple of years now. Eventually new leaves replace the lower, brown ones and the brown ones fall off. Soon, I hope, the brown ones will be a thing of the past.

What happened is ... I thought the plant wasn't getting enough light so I moved it onto the window sill where it would get a couple of hours of sunlight each day, at least. Apparently Arabian Coffee plants don't like direct sunlight. It totally fried the leaves! I was horrified and moved it back into a shady area. It has endured since that bad experience but it grows really slowly ... same as previously when I thought it needed more light. As the new growth comes, I remove the burnt leaves.

I feel awful about forgetting to water it, though. I mean ... I am here every day ... all day!! A few hours later, you see, it's perked right up again. Now I'll wipe it's dusty leaves. It would be much happier at Nora's house but it's stuck with me!

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