Saturday, June 20, 2009

Another Day - Another Side Effect

Such a beautiful day today. I sat in the shade on the deck this morning and read the paper. Kevin, finally, has a day at home and he's starting to putz in the garden. There's always an endless amount of things to be done in the garden and, hopefully, today we (WE ... haha) can get lots done. I can do a bit, of course, but we all know that Kevin will be the gardening muscle.

I slept well last night. Thank you someone for that! I have some new side effects and I'm waiting for a call back from a chemo nurse as to what to do about them. Two words. "Yeast". "Infection". Ick. I also have some hives. They're very scattered and only about a dozen of them that I can identify. Some are itchy. Some are tender. One looks like a blister (it was the first one that appeared suddenly on my upper thigh yesterday morning). Some I can't feel at all. Some are raised. Some are flat. Little red marks. I felt and watched one emerge on my finger last night. Weird stuff. "YI's" aren't listed in my side-effect information but further research assures me that they are not uncommon while on chemo and advises calling the Champion Centre. One of my drugs can, as a less common side effect, cause hives so I'm sure that's what I'm experiencing. If they bother me, I'm to contact the Champion Centre. They're tolerable, though a couple of them are pretty itchy, especially that blistery one on my thigh.

Last night I finally got out for a walk. It was so nice in the evening and no sun to avoid. Kevin had seen Laurel at the lacrosse game last night and she suggested we walk to her place and get a tour of their new home. It was exactly the right walking distance there and back. What a cool home! The arts and crafts style wood in it is gorgeous and the dining room is the most beautiful and regal I've ever seen. I would feel I would have to have a formal Christmas-style dress-up dinner in there at least once a month just to pay tribute to such a room. Dave arrived just as we were leaving so we visited a while longer before walking home. Note to self: More walking.

Above is a lone Godetia bloom. Pretty.


  1. Hi Auntie Heather , I saw your blog message about you wanting to do a stiching project with me. I would LOVE that! I'm so glad you and Uncle Kevin are going to start gardening.
    Love: Alexa (^-^)

  2. Hi Alexa! Thanks for stopping in! I'm glad you're keen to do a stitching project. Start thinking of a design. Keep in mind that if you're interested, I have lots of beautiful handkerchiefs here that might be creative inspiration for you. I think there's a lot you could do with one.

    When you're ready, give me a call and if we're both having good days, you can come on over and we'll start planning a project. I would love that!

    Have a super day!

    Love, Auntie Heather


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