Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 3: Beautiful Morning ...

... and I hope to soon go out for a walk.

I can't say I slept well in the night, though I didn't feel bad. I was up to pee almost every hour and normally, I would fall right back to sleep after but not last night. Still, I don't feel unrested. I probably dozed a lot. Just call me DOZY! I'm glad I was peeing lots, though, because up until last night I was surprised I wasn't doing more of that given the amounts of water I've been downing (to flush those toxins). I gained 3 pounds immediately after the chemo and held on to it until last night. I've lost 2 pounds of it. I'm monitoring my weight closely because the steroids reportedly cause most women on chemo to gain weight (oh, JOY!! - Not only do you lose your hair and feel shitty, you get fatter, too!).

About 6:30 this morning, my stomach started to feel a little unsettled followed by my first inkling of heartburn (another side-effect for which I take preventative medication) so I got up and took all my medications and tried a piece of toast, which didn't work for me, so I had crackers instead. I went back to bed and felt immediately better and slept a little, too, which was good. I've read the paper, started the dishwasher, tidied a bit and will soon get myself dressed and out the door with Mom for a walk.

Was it hot last night or was it just me? I woke up around 1:30 (to pee, of course) and found my top was pretty soaked. I spent half of the night on top of the blankets. I asked Mom if she found it hot last night but she didn't seem to. Maybe it's another side-effect - menopause. Hmmmm ... Don't women in menopause also typically have trouble sleeping? Drugs? Menopause? Both?

And don't read this next bit if the talk of peeing and menopause already made your eyeballs curl. I'll even spell the repellent word backwords so you can still avoid it if you want to. Okay ... so ... I haven't had a "parc" since the chemo. Apparently these chemo drugs can cause one or the other of the two extremes (you know what I'm talking about it you've ventured this far). Maybe today will be my lucky day in that regard. It is kind of important, isn't it? On the bright side, it doesn't yet seem to be causing me any discomfort. Still, I think that will be a good goal for today. I'll repot later ... tee hee ...

Have a lovely day!


  1. Glad to hear that you are feeling so well. Praise God!
    And yes, insomnia and night sweating are definately part of menopause. I have first hand knowledge of this. I found putting on the tv and watching for an hour or so was the easiest way to pass the time--for some reason, you can fall asleep easier watching an infomercial for the Magic Bullet than when reading. Grab a nap when you can.
    Thanks for the updates. Looking forward to continuing to follow your "uneventful" treatment and recovery!

  2. Hi Heather! Great to be able to keep updated on how things are going with you! Yeah...perimenopause, menopause...both irritating with those damn heat interruptions and the lot! I look forward to more reading! Hi to your mom & Kevin, Luke & Hannah!
    Love from Devy

  3. My friend Heather, I love your blog. I get to work, I grab my coffee and I open your blog to catch up on your night or mornings happenings. Yes, it was hot last night. If misery loves company, take comfort in knowing I too was above the covers and awake. Perhaps 20 years ago the situation was the same for us but obviously for different reasons :)
    Have you tried Fibre 1 cereal and granola bars - yummy but also effective for the "parc" problem.
    What a special thing for Luke to continue with your blog - what a compassionate son you have. That has to make Mama feel very proud.
    I will check in on you tomorrow.
    Love from Splurge Charlie

  4. Thanks, Carole, for the menopausal tips! Infomercials. Sure ticket to sleep! And yes, uneventful would be good, though I anticipate some major events to come! I still have my hair, for instance. That little change will be pretty major for me, I'm sure!

    Thanks for checking in on me, Carole! I hope all's well in your world.

  5. Hi Devy! So good to hear from you and greetings to you and Ron from all here. I hear from Mom that you're doing more building at the lake. How's that going?

    Thanks for all pausal sympathies, though I'm not yet sure if it's that or the drugs. I'm sure I'll know in due time. Always an adventure around the corner in this game!

    Love, Heather

  6. Hey, Charlie, oh leader!! Thanks for checking in and providing hot-chick sympathies and "parc" tips! It's very lucky for me to have a Charlie on my team! I hope you're having fun at splurge tonight, minus this angel. Maybe next time! Cuz I'm due to win, you know and I might need a new wig!

    Love ya! Heather

    ps: my bromelid still looks lovely!


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