Friday, June 26, 2009

Paging Dr. House. Paging Dr. House.

What I had expected to be a good night, wasn't. I was so tired in the evening that after I said goodnight to my family on the phone, I closed my drapes, got everything as ready as possible to contribute to a peaceful sleep and, by 9:00 pm, I was hunkered under the covers. But then I started to cough. And then I had to pee every half hour to an hour. And then I started feeling cold. I called for help at 11:00 and they gave me another blanket and a dose of codeine for my throat. Yesssss! Codeine. That should knock me out cold. Sure enough, within 20 minutes I could feel that druggy pull into lala land, but it was not to be. My face started feeling really hot. At midnight the nurse took my temp and it was up to 38.3 again. Bummer. She gave me Tylenol and a cold washcloth for my face. Still having to pee every half hour or so. Then they had to take more blood from my PICC-line and then, an hour later, they took blood from my hand. More pokes. I'm pretty brave about those ones. I've learned to explain my tiny and rolly veins, which seems to help. At least it helps me. Last time I looked at the clock it was 3:00 a.m. and then I did sleep until 5. And then again until 6:30 after which things get busy around here ... house-keeping ... vitals ... water jug refills ... antibiotic switches ... and now breakfast has arrived. I have a nasty headache and just want to sleep some more but can't. Plus, someone left my door open so I'm getting all the noise from the ward. I don't have the energy to get up and close it but I'll be doing that soon since I have to pee anyway.

Cancer isn't for everyone, you know.

I wish Dr. House would stop by and figure out why I can't shake this fever. It's been going on since Friday and I'm feeling a little wasted. A little frustrated.

I hope to be able to make up some lost sleep during the day today. I hope to get another Tylenol right away for the headache. Actually, I think I'm feeling a little warm again, too.

I'll save the story about last night's unanticipated Heprin shot for later. Up until yesterday I was getting one a day so it was a real shocker when the nurse told me I had to have two a day now. I tried to beg and reason my way out of it. Anyway, it's a story for later. Must go pee.

My pillow isn't hairy, by the way. Still, I was so sweaty in the night and these pillows are encased in some kind of plastic so you can imagine that my hair has been wet with sweat during the night and is now plastered like glue to my head, which is probably all that's holding it in. The conundrum is ... should I leave it like this? Or should I wash it again and be prepared for the impending "fall-out". I think I'm going for the "fall-out" but I'm going to wait until Hannah gets here to help me with the hairy mess.

You can't imagine how much I wish I had more upbeat news to tell. Sorry about that.


  1. Hey Heather...sorry to hear you didn't have a great night. I'm curious about this Heprin shot?

  2. Heprin is to prevent blood clots. I thought that, since I've been a bit active in that I get up a lot to go to the bathroom, I move about with my IV pole to do things, I even did some laps yesterday around the ward ... I thought maybe I wouldn't need Heprin but they insist. In fact, they now say I need them morning AND night. I hate them. It's more a phobia than pain so it's a little irrational. I just had another one this morning and I've cried for about an hour. Not just because of the Heprin shot but because I feel so frustrated with having this fever for a full week now and I'm just exhausted from not being able to sleep. I'm kind of at my wit's end today. Hannah's coming up soon and that will help.

    Thanks for checking in on me, Devy.

  3. Hi Heather - so sorry to hear of your ordeals but I know your positive outlook will be a huge bonus!

    I did send you a lengthy email earlier this week, and it just occurred to me that it went to your work email. Are you still checking that one too? If not, I will resend.

    Take care, Lyn

  4. Hey, your frustration is understandable & as I mentioned before, crying is a GREAT release! Thks for the Heprin info..I seem to remember now you explaining this before. Hi to Hannah..hope she gets there soon for you.

  5. Hi Lyn,

    I'll check my work email for your message. I try to check my work email pretty regularly and am trying to work from home when I can but I've been a little out of touch with things there for the past several days ... only as absolutely needed (my own inclination ... not pressure from the good people I work with).

    Thanks for rahhhing for me!


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