Sunday, June 14, 2009

Feeling Really Very Well! Yessiree Bob!

I woke up to the sound of rain! How nice, except for Luke who was already out at the lacrosse field getting ready to coach a Stinger's game. I feel really very good this morning!! I had a great sleep! Kevin set up a fan in my room which, along with delivering a gentle, cooling breeze, acted as white noise to buffer the birds. Even when I got up in the night, I was able to get back to sleep easily. If it wasn't for the minor discomfort of this PICC-line, I wouldn't have even known I was in a game at all right now! How nice to forget about it for a while.

So, I'm medicated, had a hearty oatmeal and banana breakfast and am ready to do something constructive while the getting's good!

What a nice morning to have Darrel and "the boys" (as pictured in an earlier post) pop in for coffee and a visit. I was just up when he arrived and Kevin with his nasty cold is up and getting ready to head for the field because he's convening the lacrosse tournament. He's keeping our mandatory 2 meter distance.

Mom must have stayed up all night ironing Luke's boxer shorts. She's still fast asleep. Then again, we opened her window last night and maybe my country girl Mom had trouble with all the city sounds ... and the birds.

Darrel's in for the weekend. Lynn and her sister are walking in the Bridge City Boogie this morning and he dropped them off.

Have a super day everyone!

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