Sunday, June 14, 2009

Great Day Today!

Today was a real treat! I felt pretty much normal ... almost a little mini-vacation from cancer! After Mom got up and we both got moving, we went for a nice walk while it was still nicely overcast. We admired more gardens and houses, walked down Broadway, stopped for an energy-boosting booster juice, and sat on a bench for a while before hiking back home. Positively lovely. And then, just as the heat of the day was picking up (and no, I'm not complaining ... I LOVE summer!!), we went to Luke's Stealer's box lacrosse game which happened to be inside a nicely cool rink! It was great to watch Luke and the team play as they kicked some serious Moose Jaw butt with very little effort. Nothing against the Moose Jaw team. It wasn't an ugly game on either side. It was great to have Lynn and Darrel join us for the game and to see Don there as well.

I could feel myself slipping a bit around mid-game so was glad to get home and curl up on sofa for a while. Fatigue hits quickly when it does hit and heartburn (another chemo bonus) is also starting to bother me a bit, too. I'm on medication for it, which I take twice a day but now, just as my appetite is improving and even though I'm basically still eating small portions and bland meals, it's weasling its way in. While I was snoozing, Syl dropped by during her busy time with some very thoughtful treats. Thanks, Syl. Darrel and Lynn came by for a visit with the boys (who I'm tempted to keep, they are so nice. By "boys" I mean their two border collies, Porter and Otto). It was nice to hear about Josh's trip to South Africa, Josh being Darrel and Lynn's "human son".

Then, surprise, surprise, Auntie Anne - the kitchen fairy - came by with a full-blown meal and herself. Her timing was excellent. She said she had wanted to do this a few days earlier but I know I wouldn't have been able to properly enjoy it as much as I did tonight. With just getting my appetite back, the meal was spectacular. Thanks so much, Auntie Anne! It was wonderful and Kevin, Luke, Mom and I all appreciate it very much. Kevin and Luke had such a busy lacrosse day and to come home at the end of it to your hearty meal was great for all of us. And best of all, you were here with us and we had a chance to visit after not seeing you for quite some time.

A little bit about Auntie Anne. Auntie Anne is my aunt who has lived in Saskatoon as long as I can remember. Our whole family would descend upon Uncle Keith (Mom's oldest brother) and Auntie Anne, who was working full time. She would not only come home from work and put on a big, wonderful meal for everyone, she would also extend the dinner invitation to every other family member and friend who was around. As we got older and we kids all moved to Saskatoon, she would invite all of us and our various boyfriends and girlfriends to dinner whenever my parents came to town ... along with, of course, her own 4 sons, their significant others and some of their various friends as well. There was always room and plenty to eat whether we sat at the table, on the sofa, on the floor ... Good times! But now, as I'm older and wiser, I positively marvel at how Auntie Anne did that!! How DID she do that? And still play cards late into the night and then get up and go to work in the morning tip-toeing around a house full of people? And always made everyone feel welcome and relaxed. Amazing lady, my Auntie Anne. That's her with my Mom in this photo op from tonight. I hope all of you grew up with an "Auntie Anne", too.

Such a nice day and now it's time to kick back (keeping my distance from Kevin still) and see if either one of us can stay awake for a movie.

I hope everyone had a fabulous day! Thanks for your calls, emails, comments and for cheering me on during the course of your day!

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