Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 9 Winds Down

All in all, a very good day today. Kevin feels considerably better this evening but will still need a killer sleep tonight.

I hit "the boards" this afternoon around 2:30. That's the way it seems to work on a good day (on a bad day, I just feel less than stellar all day but mostly things have been going very well, I think). I wound down for a while in the afternoon and then we had a quiet left-overs dinner with Luke. Brenda stopped by for a short visit and a sit on the deck. Patty and Ron came by in the evening with a care package that both Ron and Matty had a hard time parting with, I think. Patty included her BEST recommended chapstick to get me through my dry lips stage. Thanks, guys!

Hi cousin Carol. Thanks for your call. It was nice to play catch-up with you.
Nice to hear from you, Cheryl. Good luck to the kids on their final exams tomorrow!

Good night, everyone!

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