Sunday, June 28, 2009

Say "NO" to big, honking needles!

I'm certainly well-rested! I can't believe how much I've slept. I even accepted my Heprin injection last night and, I'm happy to report, that I haven't even shed a single tear for either of the last two heprin injections. My brother, Darrel, brilliantly gave a practical suggestion that has made all the difference. He suggested ice. Now I make them ice the area on my belly before the injection and then I ice it after. The result is no pain during the injection and no pain or bruising after! How brilliant is that?!! I also learned something new last night from my nurse. They had previously been using BIG needles to give my Heprin injections and that's why they hurt and why they would bleed. He used a teeny needle ... no pain ... no bleeding! Why wouldn't they have used little needles before?!! I learn something new from every medical professional I meet!


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