Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Morning After 1st Chemo Treatment

Hi all!

Well, one treatment done. Lots of information to take in but it was great to have Kevin there taking notes, and Mom and Luke for extra ears and support.

Aside from feeling a little groggy from time to time during the injection, I felt okay. When I got home, I crashed almost immediately for two hours, woke for a late dinner (Thanks, Syl!) and then, just when I thought I might update the blog, my stomach started feeling a little upset and I felt faint (feeling faint is what I often do so no biggie ... I'm just very Victorian ... "Hurry! Get the smelling salts! Loosen her laces!!"). Wasn't it nice of Luke to write an update for me? Kevin was busy filling subscriptions and figuring out all the different anti-nausea and heartburn pills and the schedule for taking them. He flitted about filling my water glass (I have to drink copious fluids to flush the toxins from my system) and taking my temperature. Mom kept plugging through my laundry, which hasn't been caught up since January. She even digs Luke's cruddy, sweat-soaked stuff out of his lacrosse bag. Thanks, Mom.

I didn't sleep so well during the night but then I had slept on and off during the day so that should be no surprise. I feel rested enough this morning. I did have some funny sensations in my arms and fingers last night. They were kind of "buzzing" and with some pin-pricking in my fingers. That subsided after a few hours, though, and I'm fine this morning.

I'm hoping to get in a good walk while I'm feeling up for something like that. Exercise is highly recommended to help move the toxins through my body and to help with what will certainly be weight gain from the steroids that come with the chemo (oh joy!).

Anyway, so far so good! Thanks, team!


  1. Woo Hoo, I figured this darn thing out so that I can put a comment on here!! Sheesh, I didn't know I needed a course on "blogging for dummies"!!
    Anyway, glad to know that treatment #1 one is over. Now that the weather has turned nice out you will actually feel like getting outside. Sounds like you have awesome support from your family!!
    Take care, and call if you are coming down to the lake for any recuperation and just hanging out.
    Love ya,
    p.s. So any George Clooney like doctors or more a House type of style?

  2. Hi Cindy! So glad to hear from you and that you've graduated to "technical blogging wizard"! I did have a nice stretch today and got out for a nice walk with Mom and Kevin. Not such a great late afternoon and evening but ... I guess that's to be expected. Meh!

    I'm sorry to say that George has not visited the Cancer Centre yet but I must say that the people there are very nice and comforting.

    You're on my radar if I get down to the lake. For the moment I'm a germaphobe with the flus and colds going around. I'm afraid to venture too far from home and even at home we have hand sanitizer in every room. The hard part is remembering to use it and get the whole family on board. Kevin's pretty diligent.

    Thanks for checking in!

    Love, Heather


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