Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kevin is on the Mend

Kevin's Doctor thinks he's had, on top of his awful cold, some food poisoning! We thought it must be the flu. Anyway, Kevin slept most of the day but I think he's feeling a bit better this evening. He had a bison burger for supper and ... so far so good! I think he's getting over his cold, too! BONUS! Meanwhile, disinfectant wipes are at our fingertips.


  1. Hey there Splurge Sister....Gail Wittig here...I posted a comment the other day but don't think it worked...bummer. It was a long and detailed one too. Just wanted to say Hey!!! Glad to hear things are going along pretty well it seems from what I can gather other than the PICC line bothering you. A friend of mine from work had one too--I forgot she had gone through Chemo because she is doing so well now that one would not even know she had cancer at all----as will you be one day soon!!!! She had a lot of trouble with her line too but they finally got it squared away and in the end she was glad to have it for all the blood tests and treatments. About the number of treatment cycles you are having and maybe wondering why yours is lower of higher than someone elses--she says not to worry because it is like comparing apples to oranges and each case is so different. Just trust your oncologist--they know their stuff!!! She is living proof that things work out!!
    On another note--this blog thing is a great idea for those of us out of the loop to keep "abreast" (no pun intended) of your situation. Keep it up I check it often. Your home page picture is priceless by the way--so you!!
    At splurge the other night I brought up the idea of our group forming a team to run/walk in your honor (with you joining us if your are up to it) in October in the Run for the Cure.....The team name we came up with was
    "Heather's Support 'Hose' "
    what do ya think? The word 'hose' can be taken in a few different ways.......your input would be appreciated...........have a great day tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow......
    Your pal Gail Wittig

  2. Hi Gail! Thanks for stoppin' by and for the comforting medical info and advice! It's always good to hear about people who went through similar situations and have since been able to put it looooong behind them! I can't wait to be one of those myself!

    And ... OMG!! I belly laughed out loud at your wonderful idea for a team! My splurge buddies ARE hilarious and just plain wonderful, too! Thanks so much, team. I would love for my splurge buddies to be my "hose"!! Would that make me a pimp? Would I get to wear a pin-stripe suite and a purple hat? I think that's a wonderful idea, Gail, and I would be thrilled. I would make it my goal to be ready to do the walk, too, in October. That's a great goal to have. Thanks for thinking of it.

    And thanks for the belly laugh! I understand that laughter is one of the best things for me so consider yourself and my splurge hose an integral part of my cure! Keep those "ha-ha's" comin'!

    Thanks so much!!

  3. I love checking in on the funnies. Actually you get a pink t-shirt to wear while the other supporters only get a white one at the CIBC run for a cure. Its lots of fun with inspiring things to see along the route.Hang in there girl. Are you working through this or taking time off?

  4. Hi Anne!

    Thanks for checking in. Obviously you've done the walk/run. Good time?

    I wasn't sure what to do about work. I thought I might be able to work a bit but now I know I won't be going in to work except for, perhaps, the odd exceptional day or meeting. Once I get a more settled into this chemo (the adventures are still too exhilarating to concentrate on work) I hope to undertake some work projects from home. I have websites to update and one to develop, I have a newsletter to produce, an annual report that I can gather information for, library research questions I can answer from here. There's a lot I can do remotely so I hope to do that. But no, with all the bugs out there and my compromised immune system and the energy walls I suddenly hit most days, I think it will be best to stay very close to home.

    How did you manage?


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