Saturday, June 20, 2009

Some People Have Wondered ...

... if I mind them sharing the link to my blog with others.

No, I don't mind. If there are people who know me or don't know me who are interested in watching this game or joining my team, I'm fine with that. I welcome all the help I can get and the bigger my cheering section, the better.

Besides that, maybe my experience will be useful to someone else out there. Already I've been experiencing side-effects that weren't in my documentation from the Champion Centre and maybe my talking about them will help somebody else figure out what's happening with their body. I've always believed that sharing information is a good thing.

I only plan on maintaining this blog for the duration of my treatment, which will probably last until early 2010. After that, I will have much better things to do ... such as working and enjoying life. In the meantime, I'm finding this blog helpful to me in ways I hadn't even anticipated. One being that when friends and family do phone or stop by and if they've been keeping up with my blog, it means I don't have to tell my story repeatedly, thereby freeing us up to talk about much more interesting things that aren't related to me and my treatment. Refreshing. It's also serving as good documentation for me. Chemo-brain could kick in any minute and so it's good to have things written down.

So, if you want to pass this link on to someone whether they know me or not, by all means ... DO!

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