Monday, June 29, 2009

Home and Feeling VERY GOOD!

Sorry I didn't post earlier but I woke up feeling so good and energetic, I wanted to take advantage of that energy spurt to get some things done around here. So, after Hannah made us both a very healthy and iron and nutrition rich breakfast, I got moving. It feels good to be able to do stuff. Every now and then, though, I go to reach for my "Polish Friend" and then remember that I'm FREE again!!

When we got home yesterday I slept right away for a couple of hours. I was pretty tired all day. I was told before I left the hosptial that my red blood cell counts were low as was my potassium (they gave me a potassium pill before I left). That's probably why I've done little else but sleep for the past two days. I slept really well last night ... the best I've slept in a week. It's great to back in my own bed and not hooked up to an IV. And it's great to feel rested and energetic. YEAH!!

I phoned Van (at Crimpers) last night and left a message for him explaining my hair (or lack thereof) situation. He very kindly phoned this morning and he's going to meet me at Crimpers this afternoon to help me out. His shop is closed on Mondays, so Van is going out of his way to accommodate me. He's so sensitive, too, which I appreciate. He suggested it would be best to meet at the shop when nobody else would be there. That's so thoughtful of him and I appreciate it. So today my head will be shaved and my wig will be trimmed. That Van! What a guy!! I can't think of anyone else I would feel so comfortable with in this circumstance (not that I don't think you could pull it off in a pinch, Carol!).

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