Monday, June 29, 2009

Me ... But Better Than Me!

Van worked his magic on my scalp and then my wig.
Welcome to my new "public look".
I know I don't look the same girl who was in the hospital!
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  1. Mons look F'ing amazing ! Great job Van ! Dare I looks better than your "original hair" !!! That hair color really flatters you ! AND...short hair (particularily this style) makes you look YEARS I right?

  2. Hey Heather,
    Wow! "You look good .... real good!!" (Quote from the movie Anchor Man) How true it is for you!!!
    Glad you are at home with your family and feeling better. Talk to you soon,

  3. It`s me again!Twice in one day!Now after seeing your new look you won`t be getting any rest(not with my big brother seeing you looking so "SHAGADELLIC")Chuck

  4. I LOVE the new hair it looks great on you!
    I am happy you are feeling better,and more rested. I love you lot's . Alexa (^-^)


    Hey Auntie Heather!!! I know I haven't been blogging a lot lately, (familiarizing myself with the controls and whatnot!)but I thought I would just drop you a line and say HI! I got my braces today, which is freakin amazing! I'm finally rid of those stupid elastics they stuck in my face, and now I can start taking painkillers with REAL braces! Muahahahahaha! Take THAT Dr. Kurz! ^____^ Love you lots Auntie Heather, and have ROCKSTAR quality hair!!!!!

    -Mikael, McLovin, you know the rest, etc. ;)

  5. Ross says...."you look like a foxy chick !"

  6. Looking super good!! I love the style. It totally is awesome. And the best part is (at least for what I know about wigs), it should always stay styled!! So, okay, what happens in a wind storm? Hmmmm....I'll bet you'll let us know. Glad you are home and feeling better.
    Love Cindy

  7. Heather, you look spectacular!! Even better than when I saw you in hospital on Friday (wig day one). Van has worked his magic, but he had to have something good to start with. I know chemo "isn't for everyone," but you seem to be thriving on it. Jeez girl, give the rest of us a break! The shorter hair looks so great on you, even though I've always been envious of your former longer thick curly locks. Glad you are home and feeling so much better, just in time for the second go. Your body will be more attuned this time and ready to defend you, if the experience of other friends of mine is anything to go by. Stiff upper lip and all that. See you soon.
    Much Love, Nora

  8. Hey, girl! You are looking Marvelous ! I hope you are feeling as marvelous as you are looking cause you sure do look like you feel marvelous! Kelv says so too and there was no rocket fuel involved either.

    I am following your every posting - and I must say that YOU are amazing! Truly amazing! Thank you for sharing in your blog. You always think of others first - and your blog is a great example of that, to always make that effort to keep everyone updated. It means so much to me, as well as to all your many, many chearleaders, to be able to check in on you at anytime, without feeling like we are imposing. Keep on blogging - and just know we are cheering you on, and soon we`ll be celebrating your Win! Yeah!

    :) Luv Bon

  9. Oh you are sooooooooooo right Carol! Heather, you look faaab-ulous! The style, the colour, the cut looks soooooo good on you. Lookout for the HOTTIE! Glad you made it out of the joint and are back at home! luv lez

  10. One word.....Gorgeous! You look fantastic in your public look and my guess is your look great at home too!

    Have yourself a great day!


  11. I love the new look. The style, the color - it suits you perfectly. This is much better than being a blonde! I am so thankful for you and your blog. Ditto on Bonnie's comment - I check on you daily and can follow your status without feeling like I am imposing. The downside of the blog is, sometimes I think it makes me lazy, and I forget that I know what is going on with you, but you do not know that. Know that I am quietly cheering you on - 3 cheers for Heather!! I have noticed that the "countdown to chemo" is missing. What happened to that? I like to shake my pom-poms extra hard when I know you have to visit the Champion Centre.

    Hair or no hair - you are beautiful! I think it's safe to say, your positive attitude inspires all of us.



  12. Hi Heather,
    (Looks like I messed up posting my earlier comment.)
    And me to the chorus of friends loving your new look. . . (Just trying to think of another adjective). . . You look radiant! Love it so much I decided to shave and get a wig!! No not really; but I was quickly inspired to colour my grey and faded lacklustre hair. Need to keep up!
    Good luck on Thursday (if I don't see you before then).

  13. Hey look maaaaaavellllous!!
    Seriously it looks great on you. You remind me of and actress....Susan Sarandon I think.....I bet Kevin can't hardly keep his hands off you....haha.....Glad to here you got out of the joint and sorry I had no idea you were in there as I was a bit behind in reading the blog....I could have come to see you had I known....will do so one of these days at home instead!!! Enjoy the sun (protectively of course) and rain to keep the plants and you thriving!! Take care!!
    Gail W

  14. Thanks, everyone, for your positive reinforcement. I feel like a total poser when I'm wearing my wig but it's still easier to hide behind than my big old bald head! And even if it doesn't look quite like my own hair, it looks BETTER than my own hair at least! I just hope it doesn't look too fake. I'm not convinced yet. I need to get used to me in it. Most of you don't know my cousin, Shannon, but I think this wig really makes me look a lot like her.

    "Shagadelic"!! HAHAHAHAHA! Good one, Mimi!

    Mikael! BRACES!! I can't wait to see. I hope they're not causing you too much trouble as they tighten things up. Be tough as nails like Hannah was! Really! She's crazy tough! "Rockstar Hair". Hmmmm ... I just might crank up the music and see what I can do! I hear a little "Love Shack" comin' on!

    Thanks, Lexie! Love you, too, and I appreciate your good vibes! I really feed off your confidence and support!

    Foxy? Mahvellous? Hottie? Radiant? Gorgeous? Susan SARANDON?! Years younger? MOI??!! Oh, go on!! ALL OF YOU!! ***this is me secretly beaming***

    Thanks for all of your support and positive comments. And yes, my friends, I know that even if you're not commenting or emailing or phoning, you're still thinking of me. I know that because you're my friends and family and that's just the way friends and family are. I don't need to hear from you all the time to know that. So no worries.

    By the way, Rhonda, my "countdown gadget" broke and I can't find another one. I liked having it there, too. I keep looking for another one. Meanwhile, keep shaking those "pom-poms"! I love that visual!

    Pip-Pip, Nora!!


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