Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Haircut! After

FINALLY!! Carol was able to come to my rescue and cut my hair!! Why Carol? Well, because she volunteered. Has Carol ever cut anyone's hair before? No. But I trust her implicitly even though I once let her try to put lip liner on me and we know what happened then! While it might seem unlikely to let someone who has never cut hair before cut my hair, you'll understand if you know Carol. Carol has always been the maestro of hair even though she's never cut any. You could do a pictorial blog of nothing but the "doos" of Carol and her daughters over the years. She has amazing fingers for hair and why she isn't a hairdresser is a topic for some deep delving one day. Well, her talents are many. That's probably why.

Not only have I needed a haircut for some time, it is also recommended that I get my hair cut short before it falls out, which should be in the next 7 to 17 days. Now I'm ready, though it will be sadder to lose my hair now that it's cut than when it was nothing but a limp rat's nest.

Anyway, I feel GREAT! Thanks, Carol! Maestro of hair. (I'm channeling Leonard, I think).


  1. You look fantastic! This blog is an inspiration to anyone who reads it.....Thank you Heather!

  2. Heather ! How fun was THAT ! You look FAB-U-LUSS! However, I know that it was just a one-time-deal as I'm sure when your beautiful curly locks fall out and return again in all their splendor you will want to turn to a "professional" for some stylin' ! However, what ever you need "done"...I'm always keen and ready to go.....still think we should have done a "mullet" !!!!

  3. Thank you, anon! I wish I knew who you are!

    Carol! A mullet ... not a bad idea since this is a "sporting blog". Every good player should have a mullet at some point in her life!

  4. HI, Heather, I've been waiting for the haircut picture and it looks great and should be cooler on these hot days. It reminds me of the time you wanted your hair "trimmed" in Swift Current and the hairdresser kept getting it crooked so she had to cut it three times before she got it straight. You were nearly in tears but it was really cute! You wanted to go to the drive-in at the lake(where we were camping) but we needed the car battery for the camper lights, so you sat on the hood of the car and waved at the boys who were driving by and were hanging out the windows, (must have gone by 5 or 6 times) before one of them said " Is that YOU, Heather?" and you got your ride to the show.!! Love Mom

  5. Glad you made it home safely, Mom. Carol and I saved my hair clippings for you but I can't imagine they'll be much use to you.

    I remember that haircut. It was one of many bad cuts over the years.

  6. Honest, everyone, I wasn't quite the "hussy" that my Mom's story might suggest. Remember ... small town ... we knew EVERYONE!!


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