Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday Looking Sunnier Every Minute

Today has been better. I haven't had a fever yet today though I did develop a really nasty headache in the afternoon. Eventually some tylenol took care of that.

I want to thank everyone who stopped by today: Darrel, Eileen, Hannah, Kayla, Carol, Pat, Lynne, Cheryl, Richard, Laurel, Norma, and Auntie Anne. It made my day pass so quickly. Thanks, too, to those who didn't stop by because you felt you might be too germy to visit. I know you're cheering me on from a safe distance. Don and Syl both have colds and are feeling helpless, though Sylvia is always doing things behind the scenes. Kevin is most distressed that he's unable to see me but he's just not well enough. It's most important that he just concentrate on getting better so he won't have to move out of the house when I get home.

I have a good feeling about tonight. I'm anticipating a better night with no fever. I'm also anticipating a hairy pillow! EEEEEEK!!!

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