Friday, June 26, 2009

Massive Fall Out

Hannah here. At the hospital with my mom. Looking at her in her turban all piled atop her, now nearly bald, head. We combed out the majority of her remaining hair this morning and after staring at what remained in the mirror for a moment decided to chop the rest off. She looks quite incredible. Her eyes pop out of her face, her neck looks very long. She put on lipstick. It is hard to imagine that the calm, beautiful, regal looking figure I am sitting across from just endured such a traumatic event. Granny is en route to deliver a wig, so we are listening to Neil Young, peacefully experiencing this small window of unaided baldness. I'm very glad I could be here.


  1. Hi Heather and Hannah
    Well, its gone but it will be back. I'm having a hard time to say what I feel inside with out sounding like I know what your going through but I have been bald before. Heather, though reading your blog and keeping up with your progress, you've already gone through so much. I didn't realize there was so much to this chemo (drugs, fever, hepburn etc.)Your seem to be doing very well considering. I'm sure there will be many more tears to come especially for your hair but thats ok. Crying relieves all that stress. I've always been one to cry when I was in the hospital.
    Thank you for keeping us updated with this blog I check my computer about every 4 to 5 hours hoping to hear more. Please forgive the miss spelled words I'm not a speller. Lori Ochitwa

  2. Hi Heather and Hannah,The kids and I are going to perhaps visit on the weekend.They went off for a swim at the pool.I am sorry you had such a crummy sleep and we don`t want to further tucker you out.Remember what Alexa said,"you are beautiful with or without your hair".We are sending lots of energy your way,and to Kev and Hannah and Luke!Love Chuck

  3. Keep in mind that nothing can take your beauty away, not even cancer! Hoping you get to feeling better! Hi to Kevin, Hannah & Luke!

  4. Hi Lori!

    You are an inspiration, girl! I hope I can be as tough and as resilient as you!

    Don't worry about your spelling here. I have my own spelling challenges and often, even though I know something looks wrong and I could look it up, I just ... "whatever ... they'll know what I mean". The sentiments mean the same no matter how they're spelled, right?

    Thanks for being a winger for me!

  5. Thanks, Devy and Cheryl for the encouragement. Sometimes that's all I need to tell myself, "yes, this will be okay ... I can do this". Thanks for that.

    And please let me go home today!

  6. Hey Heather....Splurge buddy Gail W here again. So the hair has finally gone.....oh well. Now there is nothing to hide the whole, entire beautiful YOU!! Just in case you have never heard the song (it's a country song so you may not have) take a listen to the song "Skin" by Rascal Flatts....I cry every time I hear it....but is is an awesome song. Keep your chin up.......hope to see you soon.....Gail W

  7. Hi Gail! Thanks for tipping me off to the song. No, I don't know it but I'm going to give it a listen. Music can be so inspiring and I'm all about being inspired in any way I can. Family and friends are my first source of inspiration, followed by the written word and music.

    Thanks for your kind and encouraging words and attitude, Gail. My "Live Love Laugh" bracelet is usually on my wrist!

    See you soon!


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