Monday, June 22, 2009

Hannah and Luke here

No need to worry. Mom is just getting some blood work done and they are running a few tests at the hospital. She may have to stay the night, but we dont quite know yet. I am sure she will fill you in as soon as she finds a computer.


  1. Hannah & Luke..Thks so much for the update! I was feeling a bit worried for your mom. I'll check in later.


  2. Thanks for letting us know the status of your Mom
    and welcome home Hannah!!


  3. Hey there, those temps aren't something to fool around with while you are on chemo. Good thing you are so diligent in taking your temperature. Hope you're feeling a bit better soon. Hi Hannah and Luke!!


  4. Hannah, not a happy home coming, but I'm sure your mom is benefiting from having all of her family near to give her all the support she needs while getting through this.
    Auntie Anne

  5. Hi everyone, thanks for all of the welcomes, I'm so happy to finally be home. My Dad just got home from the hospital, my mom is resting there. She is nutrepenic (very low white bloud cell count) and has some type of infection which they are treating with IV antibiotics. She will stay at the hospital for one or two days, which is a comfort for her as she is being well cared for and has already seen two oncologists. She requested that we blogged, sayed "hi" to everyone for her, and ensured everyone not to worry.

    (By the way, I brought a juicer home if anyone wants to stop by for some health potions with my mom and I).

  6. Glad to hear Heather's resting & being taken care of! Health potions, Hannah? Sounds interesting! Hi to all from Ron & Devy


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