Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 3 - Evening Report

Hi friends and fam!

It's been not a bad day. Mom and I got out for our walk ... sniffed lilacs, admired more gardens, and scoped out house numbers since Mom is getting some new ones for her house. We stopped in at Sandbox in the City and found Mom some beautiful outfits for a few special events she has coming up this summer.

I got onto my work email for the first time since last Friday and was able to weed through some emails and get caught up on a few things. I watered the garden and then, just like yesterday, I pretty much crashed around 3:00. I think my dexawhateveritis steroid thing runs out on me about then. It's the one I don't get to take at noon ... only at breakfast and dinner and I notice it really perks me up right after I take it. Before dinner tonight, I was pretty much comatose, which was a real drag because game 7 was just starting and I was keen to watch it. No worries, though. Kevin made me wake up to eat and take drugs and I quickly perked back up. Kevin threw some organic chicken on the barbie and I was able to eat that, some bits of celery and lettuce and a strawberry (compliments of Syl), though I couldn't even look at the ones dipped in chocolate! What's with that?!! Actually, the old appetite is pretty off. I don't feel very sick except for a slight bit of nausea from time to time, but there's just no appetite. I make myself eat, though, and I can eat basic, bland foods. And that's okay. We have lots of that in stock.

I'm happy to report that all plumbing has kicked in and everthing is fine. It's a start. Nuff said about that.

Carol sent me this photo that Alyssa (her daughter) took of us just before we left for Fleetwood Mac last Friday!! It was so exciting!! Notice Carol's shirt? Oh yeah! From the early 80's and she's still wearing it, though she says it's so thin she has to wear another shirt underneath it! We had a blast ... singing, dancing ... being totally silly like we would have been in the halcyon days of Fleetwood Mac!! (I can imagine my Uncle Norm's toes knotting up in his socks at the thought!).


  1. Disclaimer: This photograph may have been digitally altered. Objects may appear LARGER than they did in the 80's !!!!


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