Monday, June 22, 2009

Temperature Rising

My temperature is sneaking up again. It's at 37.5. I heard back from Marg at the Champion Centre and she's going to talk to my oncologist and get back to me. She asked where I'd be able to pick up a prescription for an antibiotic. That sounds encouraging to me. I just want this fever to go away. I'd also like to know what's causing it. That little infected blister on my arm doesn't look exactly like a hive. It looks like a single, little blister with a postage stamp-sized square of painful redness around it. I wonder if it could be shingles? I hope not. I hope not. I hope not. Imagination gone wild. Or ... erudite analysis? ... Wahhhhh ... I hope it's imagination gone wild.

I have to post pretty pictures even with the unhappy posts. Maybe it will counter them a little.

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