Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 1 in a real Hosptal Room

I'm looking out over the river and the city. It's beautiful and looks like a beautiful day.

After getting cleaned up and settled and updated, I started to feel a little under the weather. Headaches usually start before my fever and sure enough, I got a nasty headache and before they gave me tylenol they took my temperature and it was 38.8 (from under my arm because I'd just had some ice water to drink). The nurse told me that the under arm temp is usually .5 more than one taken by mouth.

Hannah came by with some beautifully prepared food ... a salad with home-made healthy dressing, a fruit salad, corn cakes with almond butter and a banana to go with it. It was beautiful but I had no appetite and had to send it all home with her. Normally, I would have loved that. I was very chilled from the fever so I hunkered under my blankets, closed my eyes and Hannah read to me from the book she brought me (In the Skin of a Lion by Michael Ondaatje). It was so nice to be read to. Heavenly. After about 20 pages I could feel myself drifting so I sent Hannah on her way and curled up for a sleep. I think it was a combination of things, but I just cried, for the first time since getting here. It was feeling comfortable for the first time since arriving. I felt like a cat curled up on a little cloud in this bed. My bones are in heaven. It was being clean for the first time. I cried for my hair. I cried for relief of being in this room at last and for having a bathroom. I cried for getting out of that damn bra! I cried with gratitude for the kind and helpful medical staff here. I cried with appreciation for all my family and friends who are here for me. I just cried for a while and it felt good to just do that and get it out of my system. And then I slept SOOOOO comfortably!

I woke up a couple of hours later feeling much better. What woke me up is having to pee. I have to pee a lot with all of these fluids they pump into me. It's a little annoying because I always have to take my IV pole with me and even if I'm feeling weak and feverish, I still have to go to the trouble. ARGHH!!

I woke up with an appetite so I thoroughly enjoyed the banana Hannah left for me. No sooner had I done that and Erin arrived, followed shortly by Darrel. I had a very nice visit with both of them and then was able to eat and enjoy what was actually a very good and appetizing hospital meal. I kid you not. Good.

Now I feel a little better and definitely less feverish. Now that I'm less feverish, my blister/boil thingie on my arm looks a little less severe, too. I would be very happy to see all these antibiotics finally kicking that little infection's butt!!

Brenda just stopped by for a visit during her break and a nurse just took my vitals. I'm happy to report that my fever is down to normal range again at 36.8. My headache is gone. The sunshine is beaming into my room.

Ahhhhhhh ...


  1. Oh Heather...crying is always a great release! Glad to hear you slept well. Hope today is an improvement for you and you get back home soon! I recommend trying homemade fruit & veggie smoothies when the appetite for 'food' isn't there.

  2. Hi Devy,

    Some people get pretty nervous about crying or think it's a sign of not handling things but really, more often than not, and in this type of situation, it's mostly just a pressure and stress relief. It's typically short-lived and I always feel better and stronger after. Today is better. Much better and my appetite has improved, too. Hannah brought home her juicer and she has all kinds of plans for me when I get home. Can't wait. Smoothie and Juicer heaven.

    Thanks, Devy!


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