Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Update from the Hospital

Hi Everyone! I'm feeling quite a bit better today. My fever has come down. They keep pumping me full of various antibiotics. Under the circumstances, I'm glad to be here instead of at home where I was becoming a bit frantic over my rising temperature. Nice to have medical professional taking charge.

Big thanks to my neighbour, Brenda, who was available yesterday to drive me to the hospital and to sit with me while I waited for "processing". My oncologist said "be there in 15 minutes", so I'm lucky and grateful that she was so handy.

Thanks got Cheryl and Alexa for picking up Hannah at the airport.

How nice to have Hannah home. She just arrived here a while ago with a lovely picnic, complete with music to play on a portable iPod player. We're listening to Icelandic easy listening music. Some songs I even know but they're in Icelandic, such as "Tammy". Cool! I feel like I'm staying in a fancy hotel. Best of all, Hannah brought herself.

White blood cell counts are low. They drew blood again a while ago. Maybe they've started going up again. I'm still in a room in Emergency because they don't have another room available yet.

Anyway, I'm where I should be for the time being. Thanks for all your well-wishes.

If there was a ref in this game, Chemo would be getting a major roughing penalty.


  1. Glad to hear from you Heather and to know that you're well looked after. Where are you anyway?? Hannah's picnic sounds lovely, but I had no idea there was such a thing as Icelandic easy listening music. The only Icelanders I ever met were great strapping blond youths, both male and female, who loved to drink home made whiskey to excess and made fabulous skinny pancakes filled with jam and cream; sometimes that's all they had for dinner! The notion of easy listening Icelandic music in this context is hard to imagine.

    Keep feeding those white blood cells; they'll come back up.


  2. Hanna & a picnic are good medicine
    I'll be looking for a visit on the deck
    Keep that fever down and blood count up!

  3. Hi again Heather, This is Lori from splurg and you no how well I work with computers (not good). I have sent 3 comments so far and none have got there. This is my 4th attempt.
    Glad to hear Hannah got home. Now the whole family is together. I love your hair Heather you look 10 years younger. Glad to hear you are doing better and the fever is under control.Keep us up to date on your condition we're all routing for you. Lori

  4. Hi Heather, Keep on hanging in there!Mikael, Alexa,R.J.and Moi Cheri all want you back home ,PRONTO! Love to my big bro and the kids .Chuck

  5. Hi Nora! I think Hannah wants to talk to you about those Icelandic people you've known and those pancakes, too. And yes, the music was odd but very pleasurable. Do you know the song (I can't remember the title except that maybe it's "Tammy"), but it goes, "Tammy ... Tammy ... Tammy's in love ...". Anyway, that one in Icelandic is pretty interesting. Even Tammy is different in Icelandic. That Hannah is always introducing me to something new and fascinating.

  6. Lori! I can't believe what a techie you're becoming! Good for you! You should be very proud of yourself.

    Thanks, too, for the kind hair comment. Sadly, though, it's almost gone by now, too. Wahhhhh ... When I get a wig, I'll post a photo. I don't know that I'll be bold enough to post a photo of myself bald. We'll see. I believe in "truth in blogging" but I don't know if my vanity can handle that.

    I still hold you out as a model of strength. I can't get that image out of my head of you going on your fishing trip in your condition because you didn't want your family to miss their vacation. Crazy? YES!! Fierce? Absolutely!! Hazah. Hazah.

    Thanks for cheering me on, Lori!

  7. Hi Cheryl! You, too, are finding your inner computer guru! Good on you! You can only fight the future for so long. Thanks for you and the fam for all the positive vibes. You're all so musical, I'm sure I'm feeling your harmonious vibrations coming through the walls of this room.

  8. Many sublime moments on our backyard decks are in our future, Brenda. I hope it's next week! Hannah will juice us something delish!


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