Friday, June 19, 2009

Organic Strawberries!

Look what I'm going to be eating later today!  My first strawberry from my first strawberry crop.  I can't wait!

It's turned out to be a hot day and it's also turned out to be not such a bad day all round.  I don't feel nearly as peppy as yesterday but, still, not awful.  A little headachy.  Nothing I'd reach for a tylenol for.  Mouth and lips are a little tender.  More rinsing required.

Kevin and Sean stopped by for lunch, which was a nice interruption of my day.  We sat on the deck for a while and soaked up the sun ... or, in my case, the shade.  

I had a nice chat with Nora.  I miss my colleagues at the office.  They're such a great bunch.  

Time for a nap.  That strawberry isn't going to ripen any faster if I sit and watch it.

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  1. Bonjour Mons Amis ! It looks like there are 2 strawberries ready? Will you share with Kevin? I don't want either of you breakin' out with scurvy !!! Eat your fruits and veggies...or at least SHARE your fruit and veggies !!!! Tee heeeeee...

  2. HiHeather, I will not talk long as I have never before Blogged .That strawberry looks divine!I was subbing in grade 3 and Mikael came to help me in the p.m.It was a hoot!the kids loved him more than me which gave me a complex!We are thinking of you so much.Love Chuck(cheryl)

  3. Hi Auntie Heather! I just found your blog today with my mom. I am thinking of you lot's,and my mom , mikael ,and me are hoping to visit you sometime. I'm sure you will look beautiful with or without hair.

    Love : Alexa (^-^)

  4. Hi Alexa! What a sweet girl you are to say that! I appreciate it very much and am so glad you and your family have found my blog. I look forward to your visit. In fact, I have a "something in mind" for Mikael but he has to visit me to find out. I also was thinking about you while I was stitching, Alexa, fellow crafty person. I was thinking that if you're looking for something to do this summer, you might want to stop by and let me help you with a stitching project. You're creative enough to have ideas of your own but I also see things from time to time that remind me of you. Love you, too!

  5. Carol, that strawberry was allllll miiinnnee! I've been watching it eagerly for days! Kevin and Luke get the next ones, which should be ready in the next day or two.

    Hi Cheryl! Thanks for stopping by! See? You're blogging! You techno-wizard, you!

    Love, Heather


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