Friday, June 19, 2009

Dessert for One!

Yummy! Such flavour!

My day was better than I had expected. Mild discomforts. Some napping. Watched a movie. Finished appliqueing one of the hankie squares.

Rex and Erin popped by for a short visit. Erin had noticed a coupon for a discount on wigs at Lots of Looks, which is GREAT, and they dropped that off for me! I hope to get my wig next week after Hannah gets home and the four of us can go together and make a family event of it.

Luke and Kevin are at Luke's box lacrosse game tonight. When Kevin gets home, we plan on going for a walk. I haven't been walking enough. I know that. Earlier this week, I just wasn't up to it and I also have to time my walks so they're not during the hottest part of the day. Even with a hat and long sleeves and sunscreen, it's best for me not to be in the sun for long. Evenings or early mornings are better times to walk provided my energy is good at those times. My heart goes out to all women having to go through similar experiences but especially so to the women who have go through this in the winter. Do you think, this winter, that I would have chosen to bundle up and go out for a walk in the evening? NOT!! Thank you whoever you are for scheduling my chemo during summer!
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