Monday, June 22, 2009

Rain. Beautiful Rain.

Yesterday's rain was lovely! I haven't looked in the garden yet but I'm sure the effects will be evident. All the watering in the world doesn't replace rain.

I'm having a better day today.

Last night, after the first tylenol wore off, my fever went up again and even tylenol didn't bring it back down. I was pretty miserable. My temp hovered around 37.7 for most of the evening. Kevin called the emergency oncologist one more time and he suggested only one more dose of tylenol before bed and that sleep would be good for me. So, worry free, I slept. I woke at 1:30 a.m. and my temp is just slightly above normal, which made me very happy. I didn't wake again until 7:00 and my temp was up a bit at 37.2. That seems to be where it's holding. I still feel tired but have had breakfast and will, perhaps, try to sleep for a while again. There are a few things I want to do before Hannah gets here at 4:45! How exciting is that??!


  1. Sorry to here youv'e had a rough couple of days. You counts are probably at their lowest right now. The benadryl is probably making you feel a bit out of it. Too bad about the YI. I have been plagued with several since chemo and surgey. ( something you don't want to hear I'm sure)Consider the special mouth wash formulations from the cancer center asap( not just nystatin mouth rinse,you need the big guns) it sounds like you could be getting thrush (Y in the mouth). I also used a special tooth paste but can't remember the name.I had the nose bleeds too. Had one GP say that meant the chemo was doing its job? Remember chemo is nondiscriminatory and takes the good stuff as well as the bad.This week should be a climb up the hill to well being before your next battle begins. See if the'll prescribe some diflucan for the Y, taken orally and clears things up quickly.Happy Fathers Day to all those great guys out there who are our rocks!!

  2. I too am very sorry to hear you've had some bad days. To be expected I guess, but it's horrible you are getting all these little surprises. I love your blog and all the lovely summery images you add. You are so clever at this stuff! I think you're right about what you said a few posts back; keeping a record is an excellent idea for yourself, as well as keeping all the rest of us informed. And I have always felt that writing things down helps to purge the crap from one's soul. Like you, I loved the rain yesterday and spent some time quilting as I couldn't get out into the garden. I was thinking that when you feel up to it and aren't at too low a point in your cycle (i.e., not susceptible to others' germs), we should have a quilting bee. I could bring my angry red quilt over and you could work on your appliqué. What do you think?

    Happy day that Hannah is coming home! Hope today is better than yesterday.
    Love, Nora

  3. I got back last night and read your blog. I could fell the frustration in your typing.Glad to hear your doing better today.Maybe once Hannah gets here you will feel better.I tryed sending you a comment after that hair cut but I did something wrong and it didn't send. You look 10 years younger.Hang in there, we're all routing for you. Lori

  4. Thanks, Anne, for the information you shared. That's all very helpful to know about. I'm phoning the Champion Centre right after lunch. That annoying "hive" that appeared on the fleshy underside of my left arm has now turned into a sore, angry red patch about the size of a postage stamp with just a little blister in the middle. Maybe it's causing my fever? I don't know. Maybe somebody there will know. My fever now is 37.3.

    I really hope this down spell is really a turn in the corner. Thanks for the encouragement, Anne!

  5. Hi Nora! Thanks for stopping in to cheer me up! And yes, a quilting session would be LOVELY!! I might have to start a 2nd quilt concurrently with Hannah's. I think I need an "angry quilt". Or a "whiny quilt". Something to purge with.

    Let's do that.

    Love, Heather

  6. Hi Lori! Thanks so much for stopping in and thanks for the flattering comments. I really do prefer my haircut (thank you, Carol!). Before I hadn't really cared so much about losing that ratty hunk of stuff growing on my head but now I'll be a little sad.


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