Sunday, June 21, 2009

Side Effects Du Jour

Nope. Can't ever expect 2 good days in a row. Despite a few discomforts, yesterday was a pretty good day. I should have been suspicious, though, after I didn't get a little window of energy after dinner. Instead, I hit my mid-afternoon wall and kind of stayed there. I was exhausted!

I never did get a call back from the Champion Centre yesterday. I think that's because they're closed over the weekend but I thought the message on the answering machine would have said so. It didn't. I guessed that I could wait until Monday rather than call emergency, which is the only other option on a weekend or evening. The YI is tolerable. The hives/blisters ... minimal and scattered and also tolerable. The spot where my picc-line stitches are ... mildly painful but tolerable. I think I over-used the muscles in that arm picking weeds yesterday, though I really didn't do much.

Last night my scalp started feeling prickly signaling the beginning of the end for my hair. I wait in rapt anticipation for more signs. My gums and teeth ... also a little sensitive. I've stepped up my oral hygiene to keep mouth sores at bay. My nose is pretty dry inside and I had a couple of minor nose bleeds yesterday but that's easily taken care of with a good slathering of vaseline. I had to get up three times in the night to spray bactine on a particulary itchy new hive that appeared on the softest flesh of my arm. Damn, it's itchy! My rib cage and sternum ached through the night and still do. I can't take tylenol, though, because I'm now spiking a slight fever, which I'm watching like a hawk. It was 37.3 at 3:30 a.m. It's gone as high as 37.7 at 7:30 and, now that I'm up it's down to 37.2. 38 is the magic number when I have to go to emergency. Normally, my body temp has been hanging around 36.6. I feel exhausted but can't sleep with this low-grade fever. And my stomach feels a little weak.

I don't feel very good this morning. It might as well rain.

Do I sound whiny? I'll post a quote from Cindy later that's appropriate for today, I think. And I'll keep you posted about the fever and other annoying side effects. Pardon my French.

On the bright side ... well ... on the BRIGHT side ... hmmmmm ... HANNAH COMES HOME TOMORROW! See? I knew there was a bright side!

I don't remember the name of this little crawly plant above but I love it! I love the colour.

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