Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Adventures in Plumbing

Sylvia outdid herself last night with her Thanksgiving meal. It was wonderful and I seem to have an especially hearty appetite, which I am somewhat attributing to the prednisone. My increased hunger is unusual and that I so soon am hungry again after eating plenty is also uncharacteristic. I'm attributing this to the prednisone and I try to ignore some of my hunger knowing it's not "real" and I don't want to suddenly gain a bunch of weight. Then again, if I don't put something on my stomach when I'm hungry, I start to feel sick.

For the past few days, my upper abdomen has become increasingly extended and uncomfortable. With no lower abdominal pain to signify, to me, plumbing issues, I kept checking my ankles but there's been no edema to account for it. Finally, common sense kicked in and it occurred to me that a human body can't continue adding at the intake end without some action on the other end. Duh! So, I took some medication for that particular issue last night and I the grumblings, rumblings and shiftings suggest I'm on the right track. I was up from 4:30 a.m. to 8:30 just because it all felt so weird. Some definite shifting going on and some relief at the upper levels so things must be moving. I'll await the avalance. Sorry for the plumbing talk. It and cancer aren't for everyone.

Another strange thing ... as the pressure eases on my upper abdomen, my skin has become numb and it feels very, VERY strange.

Luke didn't end up with a turkey dinner after all, but despite having to write a mid-term on Sunday (huh??), he's had a fun weekend cutting loose with friends. Hannah got together with friends and they cooked the full meal deal one night. She made a pumpkin pie from scratch and I mean from scratch. Well, she didn't grind grain for flour, but she did roast an actual pumpkin. And then she wrote an essay.

Thanks for such a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner last night, Sylvia. All your work and talent is much appreciated. I wish Hannah and Luke could have enjoyed it, too, and I know they wish they could have been here with us all.

Thanks for the beautiful golden flowers, Erin! I'm glad to still have flower photos to post and real flowers to enjoy.


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