Friday, October 16, 2009

My Last Day On Prednisone

These are more slippers from Gail's boys. I imagine them as critters who are about to go looking for Nora's yard so they can make a home under her deck where they'll feel safe under Nora's care and where they'll find other friends of various species. Kind of a Wind In The Willows scenario.

I feel good this morning and had a good night's sleep. No sleeping pills. Again. Yeah!

A friend from high school, Laurie, just phoned and we had such a nice chat! I hadn't talked to her for so long and it was positively cheering to hear from her.

I will now do my arm weights and get ready for the sun to shine. It IS supposed to shine today. Laurie said it had finally just emerged at Elrose, so hopefully here, too. Soon.

Tonight we have the Scorpions Lacrosse banquet. An outing to look forward to and that I fully expect to feel up for.

Today is my last day on prednisone (steroid). I have no idea how much the prednisone has had to do with my handling this last treatment better than the previous one but if things start to slide in the next few days, I guess I'll know why. Still, I'm hoping ... hoping ... hoping ... that I just continue to feel better and stronger every day. It could happen.

Have you had your berries today? And your Vitamin D?



  1. Hi Heather,
    Thanks for the information on the foods that will help us all keep healthy! I have been trying to eat a bit better so this will give me the kick that I need.( But I do know that I will not be giving up my glass of wine)
    It is great to read that you seem to be getting stronger, you are an incredible lady, and a great role model. Thank you!
    Take Care

  2. Hi Louise!

    You and Sylvia both with the wine! And I will still indulge in the occasional beer, too, you know. Thankfully, I'm not in the habit of that daily glass of wine that I know so many people enjoy.

    Thanks for your kind works and your continued encouragment. I appreciate it.

    I'm going to make a chart for myself so that I can check of the servings of this and that that I should be eating. When I have that done and if I think it's generally of use to others, I'll post it here. I figure if I stick it on my fridge and check things off, it will be easier for me to make sure I'm doing most of what I should be doing at least.

    Hi to Kevin and the girls! You take care, too ... while you're happily sipping your wine.


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