Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ready But Side Effects Are Kicking In ... EEEEEEK!!

I'm so looking forward to everyone being here tomorrow morning. All's a go and don't worry ... I didn't go to a bunch of work but I'm glad the timing has been such that I've felt well enough to do a few things. It's nice having Mom here to help.

Today, though, some of the dreaded side effects are starting to show. They're making me nervous. My fingers, the bottoms of my feet and my toes are numb today. My fingernails are also numb. I don't like that. I'd better put on some nail hardener and some polish. I so don't want to lose nails. Maybe with this having been the last of the chemo, it won't get to that point. My toes are even a little "ouchy" just in the last couple of hours. Just a little. My big toes are peeling at the ends but I don't know if that's because they got a big frost bit from the ice boots or if it's a chemo effect. They're a little tender. I got a little weak mid-afternoon and felt a little faint for a while but now I'm home and r and r'ing on my sofa. I'm not fainty anymore.

Darrel, Lynn and Otto came by today. Darrel's done with harvest and he had good crops. Amen for that! We all went to Costco ... busy place out there ... and then stopped at Audio Warehouse for some tv shopping for Darrel and Lynn. They have those comfy theatre seats there so I mostly just parked. It was gooooood ... huge tv with a beautiful screen saver running, awesome surround sound with mellow music ... dim lighting. I almost went to sleep in a recliner.

Tonight I get the fist of my 5 remaining neupogen injections. Nurse Cratchet is at the ready!

With these new side effects, I'm not entirely sure yet if I'll be able to walk tomorrow. With the foot numbness and discomfort starting, I'm not sure how stable I'll be on my feet. I noticed today that I had to be careful of my balance. Even typing, I notice that my fingers are tender. So if my postings become brief (which might be a blessing for some of you ... I get a little wordy, I know) or sporadic, you'll know what's up. Good thing I don't type with my toes because they really are very tender right now.

Anyway, regardless, I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. I'm soooo excited! A girl needs these things to look forward to. Cancer isn't for everyone, you know!

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