Saturday, October 24, 2009

It's a Better Morning

I think last night was the worst I've felt since my last chemo treatment. I just felt awful. My feet were so tight with edema they hurt. My resting heart rate remained at 120 throughout the day and was the same when I went to bed. I had a low grade fever in the evening and I just felt generally awful through and through. Very disheartening.

Part of the problem, I know, was my own stupidity! At about 4:30, while talking on the phone, I noticed that there were 4 pills in the lasix bottle when there should only be 3. After initial disbelief, I mentally retraced my steps and determined that I did NOT, in fact, take my lasix pill!! ARGH!! It is almost identical to the Arimidex pill I just started taking, so perhaps I confused it. No wonder my feet and legs kept getting bigger and bigger during the day!! What an idiot I am! So I took my lasix pill at 4:30, parked on the sofa with my feet raised and slept for a couple of hours.

There was not much difference to show for it when I went to bed but this morning ... BIG difference! My ankles are not back to normal yet but they're much better. And I did take a lasix pill this morning. I lost 5 full pounds during the night! No wonder I feel better this morning! This is the emptiest my stomach has felt in 2 weeks! It's such a strange feeling to not be bloated and yet I think I still am ... a little bit.

The photo is of the rose given to me by the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency for participating in the C95 Marathon. So pretty!


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