Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Still Some Blooms

Yesterday I got out into the garden for a while. I was surprised to see how many of our flowers were still thriving! This particular type of hydrangea starts out with white blooms that eventually turn pink. Pretty! Last fall, I cut these blooms, spray painted them gold, and stuck them among the branches in our Christmas tree.

Yesterday I felt good. I was able to do some things earlier in the day but then hit my wall around 1:30. Just a wall of fatigue, that's all. No drama. I like when there's no drama. Has anyone watched CBC's Battle of the Blades? Kevin thinks it's HILARIOUS!! I get the biggest kick out of Ron MacLean!

As for side effect, of course, there's the numbness in the feet, toes and fingers that I'm getting used to. There's also numbness in my teeth and tongue. Weird! My calves suddenly go numb every now and then, too. My eyes are often dry.

Some other good things I forgot to mention yesterday ... my chemically burned face that so upset me last go around is now all new, baby soft skin! I know ... I know ... some people pay good money for that and I'd sworn off the whole idea after my experience, but the skin on my cheeks really is very nice right now, I must say. I haven't had much "burning face". Hardly any at all. I slept well last night with no galactic journey and I feel okay today. Okay is good.

Last night Sylvia gave my my 2nd neupogen injection meaning I only have 3 left! Woohooo!


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