Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Update - Have a Seat

Yesterday was a quiet day spent with Kevin. I felt worse yesterday than I have been but, nonetheless, he talked me into going out for a little excursion. So I got dressed up, put on hair, a jacket and a scarf and out we went.

We had a very romantic date. One that includes the best of both worlds for Kevin. First we went through Timmy's and got a sandwich and some drinks and then we went to the Co-op and filled the car with gas. Then ... and this is the best part ... we shared the sandwich in the car while driving through the car wash! Does it get any better than that?? We then decided I could manage a quick stop at Winners where the masses had converged but I had my hand sanitizer with me and was very careful. I even found a cashmere sweater I just love and a cross-the-body-sling-style kind of purse. From what I understand, after my next surgery, it will be best if I don't ever carry a regular purse again as a preventative measure for lymphodema, which can arise weeks, months or even years after surgery removing lymph nodes. Sling purses are the way to go if I need a purse at all. And I've always liked sling purses anyway. They're "hands free" and I like that. Kevin got new jeans and a belt and it was like a very big, small excursion.

Then we came home and parked. We watched a movie. I napped. We watched the Rider game (YEAH RIDERS!), another movie and then packed it in. I had hoped to watch the Rider game with friends, which is always more fun, but I just didn't feel very well last night.

My side effects are starting to widen and deepen. I think I'm starting to spiral down into more of a chemo hangover. My feet are more all-over numb since yesterday. I have more face, neck and chest redness. By the time I went to bed last night, my cheek bones were starting to hurt and I was getting those "northern lights" feelings in my jaw bones. I took a sleeping pill last night to make sure I got good and knocked out and I do feel better this morning than I did yesterday. This morning I'm quite red and my jaw line is a little itchy. I hope this doesn't mean another chemical peel. One was quite enough.

Speaking of last treatment's unwelcome chemical peel, I can tell you one amazing thing it led to that I only just noticed. For several years, I've had a slowly darkening sun damage spot on my lower left cheek ... about the size of my littlest finger nail. It was getting dark enough that make-up didn't really disguise it. More recently one had appeared at the back of my upper right cheekbone ... oval and about the size of my big toe nail. Kevin had commented on how dark it was, especially during chemo. WELL!! They have both magically disappeared!! They must have chemical peeled away! I can just barely make out the slightest pinkness where they had been! Amazing! I wonder if they'll come back? So, as nasty as that last chemical peel felt on my face, at least some good came of it!

Now, I want HAIR!! REAL hair. MY hair! And lashes. Is that too much to ask?


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