Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Some Flowers Happier Than Others

These ones, for example. They seem to be showing off while most of the other flowers are looking shabby!

Today was blood work day. I haven't heard the results yet but I know they are checking liver enzymes, pottasium, and magneisum. There must have been something askew with my pre-chemo results to make them check again a week later. I never did find out but, hopefully, all will be revealed later today. Without my PICC-line, they had to actually use a needle to take blood. I had no regrets, though. I'm SO happy to be done with that PICC-line. They even had to poke me twice to get a vein, but I'm okay with that. It's typical.

I also met with a nutritionist while I was there. She was very nice but it was, overall, a frustrating experience. I know about general healthy eating and I know about the Canada Food Guide but I'm more interested now in boosting what can only be a challenged immune system and doing whatever I can nutritionally to prevent cancer from getting a hold of me again. In this there is little information from the Champion Centre because, like Medical Doctors, they really only deal with "clinical trial results" and since you can't patent broccoli or green tea, there aren't many people doing serious clinical trials on everyday food ingredients that might potentially have amazing disease preventing benefits. Research companies want to test things they can patent and make lots of money with, hence they test chemicals. Things they can patent. It really comes down to money instead of saving lives. A bit depressing. It leaves many of us stranded and confused and having to find our way through the maze of legitimate information, speculation, rumour, and big old scams. So that's where I am. Bah!

Last night my Auntie Anne stopped by ... conveniently at dinner time, we teased her! We were happy that we were able to convince her to stay and we enjoyed her company. Nothing fancy but we had lots and she brought pumpkin pie and grapes as well as some "pink things" that she'd picked up yesterday while she was working.

Overall, I'm having a good day today though I feel the fatigue kicking in now. I didn't have such a good night, though. Starting at 10:00 last night, I had stomach cramps right through to 7:30 this morning. I spent a lot of the night running to the bathroom, book in hand. Not much fun but hopefully whatever that was has passed. I've been generally very lucky to have minimal "parc" problems because some people on chemo really suffer with that.

My tastebuds are slowly disappearing and my tongue has turned whitish, but no mouth sores! No mouth sores is very good. It's another side effect a lot of people suffer with.

So ... many blessings to count! Have a great day, everyone!


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