Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Busy Morning

I've run out of beautiful flowers. Fortunately, my Uncle Norm in Nanaimo likes to rub it in that they're still getting new blooms. Here's one from his yard.

Today I met with my oncologist and I'm very happy to say that he brought up the idea of my taking an aromatase inhibitor instead of Tamoxifen. All along he's only referred to Tamoxifen and that was causing me some concern. But today ... today ... he has started me on the aromatase inhibitor, Arimidex. Apparently I'm not the only one who is in unsure as to whether I'm pre or post menopausal. They were testing my hormones again in today's bloodwork and will test again next month but, based on previous testing, they're going to assume that I'm post. Even though I haven't had any hot flashes or other discomforts associated with menopause, this drug might cause them. We'll see. The Arimidex also takes a hit on bone density so I'll be going for a bone density test and have been prescribed Vitamin D and Calcium.

I also got some lasix for my edema, which he feels will go away on it's own now that I'm done chemo. I only have the lasix for if the edema moves up my body while I'm away. It's a "just in case" prescription. My ankles and legs are very hefty today. Not the kind of look one wishes for. My shoes were tight.

The only other concern is that, for the first time, my heart rate was elevated. It was around 135 beats per minute, which is very high for me. I'm to get my heart rate tested daily for the next couple of days and if remains over 100, I'm to call my oncologist. Strange.

I picked up copies of medical reports from my doctor's office after leaving the Champion Centre and picked up a few groceries to tide us through to the weekend. And now I feel exhausted!

Thanks, Syl, for last night's delicious meal!

My thoughts are with Dwayne and Shelley and their kids today.


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