Monday, October 5, 2009

Last Night Was A Galactic Journey

What a strange night!

Yesterday, I had a buzzing, electrical sensation running through my whole body most of the day. It was as if I could feel all the little cells in my body being zapped. It didn't hurt.

Yesterday, too, besides being extraordinarily tired, my toes and fingers became more numb and my finger and toenails are softening (a dreaded side effect of the taxotere that can lead to losing nails). My nails were even painful sometimes. I need to be diligent about keeping nail hardener on them. I'm really expecting I won't lose them, this having been the LAST chemo! My nails just have to hang in there a little longer! Just a little!!

My eyes and vision were also a bit bothersome in the evening. Kevin put eye drops in for me and that seems to help.

But last night, after I went to bed, things got so weird I didn't even really want to go to sleep. It was like a strange galactic trip! Painless and trippy! Not that I've ever been on one of those, of course, but as I imagine. The best way I can think to describe it is as if the northern lights were inside you! You know that gentle, magical shifting they do? Well, that was how I felt inside and then, every now and then there would a very dramatic shift and even while I was laying there flat on my back, I would feel it in my head and get very dizzy. Then, just as suddenly, my head would clear and my stomach would do loop-de-loops! This went on for a couple of hours, I think, before the northern lights cleared and it was more like having a star field inside of me with stars randomly bursting in various parts of my body. That's a feeling I've described before ... the stabbing (minimal pain) in a knee, then an ankle, then in my surgical site ... and so forth. Not as much fun as having the northern lights inside. Anyway, it was a strange night. After the stomach churning, I had to get up and eat. I think the prednisone does make me hungrier more often. I didn't get much sleep until after 7:00 a.m but since I slept so much yesterday, I don't even know how to determine except that I don't feel overly tired this morning. I don't feel bad this morning at all. And that's a great thing!

Some other things to be grateful for ... my ankles are as svelte as my ankles can be again. Edema gone, though my pills run out tomorrow. I hope the edema doesn't come back! AND ... it occurred to me last night that I can now sleep on my right side now that my PICC-line is gone! It felt so luxurious!


  1. Sounds like you had a rather bizarre night! Glad to hear you are feeling better this am, Heather! Hope for you it just keeps continuing!


  2. Hi Devy! I haven't hit a real bad time yet since this last chemo. Knock on wood. The trippy part was more interesting than bad.


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