Sunday, October 25, 2009

When, Oh When, Will Chemo Be OVER?!

I did so much better yesterday than on Saturday. I spent a lot of time with my feet elevated. I watched both football games and a couple of movies and flipped through bunches of cook books looking for legume recipes. I didn't feel so all-over crappy.

Lynne came over in the evening for a visit, which was wonderful. She brought a quinoa (keen-wah) breakfast dish for me try. I had some this morning and it was really very good. Not at all like oatmeal but good. There's fruit in it. I added a little brown sugar and milk. She couldn't have known that I've been looking at "grains" recipes and have been interested in trying some of the other grains that are less familiar to us, including quinoa. Grains and legumes. They're tops on my list of things to try adding to our diet.

Even though I spent so much time with me feet raised yesterday, the swelling in my feet and legs still increased during the day and was quite uncomfortable by the time I went to bed at midnight. That's a little disconcerting considering I only have 2 lasix pills left and I'm going (I AM going) to Vancouver on Tuesday. And then, to top things off, my numbness increased yesterday. Instead of just my fingertips being numb, they're now numb right down to the top most knuckle and right through to my nails. In fact, my middle nail on my left hand is actually tender. Same with a left toe nail ... the one beside my littlest toe. YIKES!! Even my back feels numb. I notice it when I put my shirt on or if I pull my shoulders back. It just feels very strange. I had thought these side effects would me minimizing by now instead of MAXIMIZING! What's with that?!

This morning my edema is down from what it was last night but I still have elephant ankles. Downer. I hope it doesn't behave like yesterday and continue to get worse. I took my lasix pill. DO something already, lasix pill!!

Sylvia took my pulse again in the evening and it was up to 106. Doesn't it seem that perhaps it's moving up and down with the edema? Hmmmm ... By the way, she also had a difficult time finding my pulse last night. She would find it every now and then and then it would disappear. Next time she's going to bring a stethoscope. She tells me I'm NOT stupido for not being able to find my own pulse. Isn't she kind?!

I'm not at all happy about feeling this way now, especially when I'm leaving for a vacation from cancer on Tuesday. Now it looks like cancer will be joining us. It wasn't invited. Then again, it never is. Cancer isn't for everyone, you know.

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