Thursday, October 15, 2009

SpongeBob Memories! Ready Eddy Eddy!!

Splurge Club Gail passed on to me a few pairs of her sons' outgrown slippers to compliment my wolfy ones from Splurge Club Bonnie. Thanks, Gail. These are my favourites! They remind me ever so fondly of our trip to Mexico. Every night Hannah, Luke and I would get into bed and watch English language cartoons ... mostly SpongeBob. It was fun and became something we looked forward to each night. In Mexico. Who knew that would be a highlight?

I started feeling less well as the evening progressed last night. But this morning (afternoon, I guess ... my sleep patterns are now royally screwed up), I feel quite well again.

I also slipped into a nasty gut and mind-gripping funk of fear yesterday. While I used to be saddened when I read in the paper about a woman having died of breast cancer, now it has a much deeper impact and I wasn't prepared for that. It sets off a panic of frightening questions that I can't possibly know the answers to. So, like we humans do, it's a matter of finding a way to better process the difficult information you know you're going to have to deal with from time to time. I'll do that, of course, but in the meantime I will stop reading that section of the newspaper.

I'm looking forward to the presentation tonight, partly for the presentation and partly because it means an outing with Erin! And bonus, I know I'll see some other friends there.

Sending a extra firm hug to Patio and to Alanna.



  1. You are human. You are an intelligent, thinking woman. You have breast cancer. Your daily updates continue to show you to be frank and genuine about the segments of the journey you are taking. You will handle this last shock in your way.

    You have a resilience, Heather, that gives you the extra bounce you need whenever it seems that the emotional or physical ball has gone flat. Whatever gives you this resilience, depend on it; it is your rock.

    Love Cheryl

  2. Thanks for the bolstering and for the confidence you have in me, Cheryl. There are certainly dark moments, no denying it. There are for everyone during life's more challenging events, I know.

    Love the "bouncing ball" metaphor. I'm going to go hug my big, blue exercise ball right now. It can be a rock. And I was wondering what it was for since it just sits there doing nothing.


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