Saturday, October 3, 2009

Breakfast Details for Runners/Walkers Tomorrow

I'm getting ready for the walk/run tomorrow and I'm increasingly hoping I can walk! I started my prednisone today and if it keeps me perky, just maybe I can participate. An unexpected surprise?! I hope so!

I feel good today except for lack of sleep. Kevin KNOWS he should not sleep in the same bed as me if he's been drinking, but ... so I only had about 4 hours sleep even after I moved downstairs. I'm not so happy about that. Obviously the "inappopropriate happiness" has not kicked in yet. Kevin has since apologized. I'm over it. It just means I'll need a nap or an earlier bedtime tonight.

So, instead I planned tomorrow's breakfast, which has been fun even without enough sleep. The table is set and here's the menu so you can plan accordingly.

Breakfast Menu:
  • orange juice (plan to bring or pick-up coffee if you need it)
  • home-made muffins with berries (less cakie and more healthy)
  • boiled eggs (for those needing protein)
  • a mix of flavoured yogurts
  • apples and bananas that you can stick in a pocket.
So ... breakfast at my place (1007 McPherson Avenue) ... starting at 8:30. It would be great if we can plan to take photos around 8:20 or shortly after. I can't wait to see everyone and can't wait to participate!

Thanks, Sylvia, for the pretty garden bouquet!


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