Thursday, October 1, 2009


I can't believe it's finally done! Well, there's still the nasty nest few weeks to get through but when I'm past that, at least I won't have to face another treatment!! AMEN!!

For some reason, the ice boots and ice gloves and all the ice in my mouth were especially bothersome today. I kept the ice gloves on my face just in case it might prevent my face from getting that same chemical burn ... or worse. Who knows if it will help. Kevin kept a steady flow of ice spooned into my mouth. But it's done. But here's the bonus ...

I GOT MY PICC-LINE OUT!!!! Once the chemo was in, the nurse cut and pulled the stitches, cleaned the area and then, in an instant, pulled it right out It was about 14-15 inches long and I didn't feel a thing!! I can't tell you how happy I am to be rid of it. They weren't going to pull it out, even after Kevin phoned my surgeon's office and they said a nurse should phone the hospital and leave a message to ask him if he would like to use it for my next surgery. My instinct has been to believe that the PICC-line is too small for the surgery and they'll end up using their own access anyway. The nurse initially told me why don't I just wait until I meet with my surgeon in a couple of weeks and ask him then. "It's just a couple of weeks more", she said. That set me off a little and after asking her to please just make the phone call and she again said, "no", I must admit to getting a little emotional about it. "JUST TWO WEEKS MORE??! Especially if it turns out that I don't need it after all??!! It prevents me from using my arms in ways I otherwise would and I would like to start exercising it as soon as possible. She relented, phoned and WALLA!! I'm now PICC-line free!! That was my gift for finishing chemo. I was expecting cake and all the nurses breaking out into a chorus of "Hallelujah! Hallelujah ... Hallellujah! Hallelujah!! I guess they're too busy for that. Harrumph. When I'm all through this, I should make it my volunteer mission to provide some celebratory marking of all people on the day of their last chemo.

My chemo treatment was delayed by about 45 minutes. They were a bit backed up, so we didn't get home until around 1:30 and I was so hungry and tired. I ate heartily and then slept almost all afternoon. I didn't sleep much last night because of the dexamethasone. I thought I might not need a sleeping pill but I really did. Tonight for sure. My face is red again but this time it's from the desamethasone. My ankles are still puffy but not as bad as they had been. I've had them raised all afternoon. They were even getting puffier while I had the ice boots on.

This picture is one that Lyn sent me! I love it and it is my sentiments exactly. Thanks, Lyn! Thanks to all of you. I can't wait to party with everone and celebrate the end of this chapter in my life. I'll keep you posted on that.




    Looking forward to a party.

  2. Yahoo! Good for you to keep asking to get rid of that Picc line. Two weeks can be a long time when its bugging you - I am very happy to hear that. Looking forward to pinking out on Sunday.


  3. Yippee...Yahooo...Cheers....and all the other words to describe that you are finally done all of those crappy chemo treatments and the dreaded PICC-Line is history!! I'm not going to make it up there on Sunday, but will be thinking of everyone that will be walking for the cause. I'll do my own walk around town in support of everyone that has had this battle against breast cancer.

  4. YIPPEE for you Heather!! Hope the weather co-operates for your walk! Take Care!



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